HC Chapter 699

It is night.

All around is quiet, only street lights are on outside and there are hardly any vehicles or pedestrians.

Although this is a peaceful country, the border is very unsettling because it is close to the H border, and robberies in the street often occur.

Standing on the balcony, Ye Yunla had witnessed two large men being stopped and robbed of their bags.

It was really chaotic here, no wonder the news often urged tourists not to travel here.

She stood in front of the window thinking about her mind, not knowing how much time had pa*sed, and when she looked back, the living room was completely quiet.

The four children should have gone to bed, but she couldn’t sleep.

She’d been up all night with insomnia and had to brace herself to poke around the next day.

“Lara, my dad just sent me an invitation.” Feng Chengyu came in from the door with gusto, “It’s the annual business recruitment meeting in a neighbouring country, and the Feng Group was granted access to the venue.”

Ye Yunla turned back, “Congratulations, you can finally do something to help your father.”

“Yara, do you think my father’s business can make me so happy?” Feng Chengyu said with a straight face, “I’ve heard that the Black Party will also send someone to this business recruitment meeting, their goal is to get the redevelopment project of the small town next door, this project is a big investment, the Black Party will definitely send someone from the top, we can take this opportunity to get in touch with the top of the Black Party.”

Ye Yunla’s dark eyes lit up with a ray of light.

When she failed to meet with Terebei today, she was very depressed for a while and had been contemplating her next opportunity in her mind.

She hadn’t expected the opportunity to come to her door so quickly.

The two of them whispered about the details they needed to pay attention to when they went to the banquet tomorrow ……

At this time in the study, the four children were not asleep, they were sitting on the carpet, in front of them were several large stacks of paperwork.

Ye Jingzhan said as he flipped through the papers, “This is a list of all the local Asian people who have been in and out of the area, let’s look carefully, we might be able to find clues.”

Fu Ziling smacked his lips a little: “This place is so small, not even half the size of Hai Cheng, why would there be so many Asian people coming and going in a month?”

“Because this place is full of sin, the most lucrative and profitable industries are gathered here, so it attracts countless people from all over the world to venture here for gold.” Fu Ziyan explained in a faint voice with his head bowed.

As time pa*sed, Little Yinyin flipped through book after book of information and simply could not find that familiar name ……

She spoke in a choked voice: “If Daddy is really here, why didn’t he come to us?”

“It’s not like daddy knows we’re over here.” Fu Ziling replied casually.

“Then go back to Hai Cheng.” Little Yinyin sniffled, “Does daddy not want us anymore, so he doesn’t even want to go back to Haicheng?”

Ye Jingzhan’s eyebrows gaped as he and Fu Ziyan exchanged a glance.

Although Mummy hadn’t explicitly said so, they had actually guessed one possibility, that was, Daddy was most likely no longer around.

But then again, Mummy was so sure that Daddy would definitely come back.

They also want to believe that daddy is still alive ……

But why had Daddy not come to them for the past month?

Was he out of his depth, or was his freedom being restricted?

“The army.” Fu Ziyan said slowly, “Everyone in the army here has had their personal freedom restricted, so if Daddy was forced to join the army, he might not be able to get out.”