HC Chapter 674

The reporters present did not leave, but came over even more frantically.

Ye Yunla flung out a contract and said indifferently, “As we all know, LaStar Technology became a partner of the Yelitos Group not long ago, during which ……”

She flatly spoke out the matter of Zhuang’s group becoming the third partner, then pointed to the contract and said word for word, “Yelitos and Zhuang’s group jointly claimed that the chip designed by my company was faulty and proposed a compensation amount of five hundred million, this document has an official seal, but I do not recognize it. I will ask a third-party testing company to conduct tests, and I also ask all media reporters and netizens to be responsible for monitoring.”

“If the result is really as this document says, I will take out every cent of the 500 million compensation, but if what this document says is all false, I hope Chuang’s group, as well as Yelitos, will publicly apologize to me, and compensate for the loss of reputation, moral damage, and lost wages of Lara Star Technology Company during this period ……”

The crowd of journalists did not expect it to be a commercial dispute case at all.

This kind of dispute has never been very hot on the internet, but when the protagonist is the number one beauty in Haicheng, that heat can be different.

Some reporters sent the news out on the spot, and it was already topping the hot search.

Ye Yunla put down the microphone and was about to leave when she saw a familiar figure standing on the outskirts of the reporters.

She slowly curled her lips, revealing a smile-like arc.

The reporters followed her gaze and saw Zhuang Shen of the Zhuang Group standing there.

“Mr. Zhuang, do you have anything to say about this result?” Ye Yunla looked at Zhuang Shen from a distance and asked in a light tone.

If she hadn’t been repressed for too long during this period of time, she wouldn’t have chosen such a public and intense way to deal with this matter.

But she really didn’t want to deal with the Zhuang family, nor did she want to communicate to choose a better solution, she just wanted to let out the anger in her heart.

If this matter came to light, the impact on the Zhuang Group would certainly be great.

But what does this have to do with her?

The smile at the corner of her mouth caused Zhuang Shen to look at her with a pang of pain.

He stepped away and slowly walked over.

The reporters quickly gathered around.

“Mr. Zhuang, may I ask if what Young Madam Fu said is true?”

“Mr. Zhuang, what role did Zhuang’s group play in this incident?”

“Mr. Zhuang, what evidence do you have to refute this can be made public now ……”

Zhuang Shen did not answer the reporter’s words, but looked at Ye Yunla, who was three or five steps away, before slowly bowing, “Miss Ye, I’m sorry.”

Ye Yunla froze for a moment.

She thought Zhuang Shen was desperate to defend Zhuang’s reputation.

She thought that Zhuang Shenwei was accusing her of talking nonsense and taking her word for it.

She also thought Zhuang Shen would threaten her with a personal matter and forbid her from making a big deal out of it.

Unexpectedly, it was an apology.

“I am not the president of Zhuang’s group at a senior level, so I only apologise to Miss Ye on my own behalf.”

Zhuang Shen’s words reached Elder Zhuang’s ears through the television screen.


Master Zhuang smashed his cup on the ground in anger.

“Dad, take it easy.” Zhuang Yuan patted his back for him and coldly hooked her lips, “Big brother has all but ignored the family’s interests for the sake of his illegitimate daughter, it’s lucky that dad didn’t give the company to big brother in the first place.”

Master Zhuang said coldly, “I shouldn’t have given the company to you either.”

Zhuang Yuan’s face froze.

This time, the conspiracy with Yelitos had been torn apart on the spot by big brother, resulting in her not even having much credibility with the old man anymore.