HC Chapter 671

“All of you get out.”

Zhuang Yuan was furious with a gloomy face, and the people sitting around the edge of the conference room hurriedly gathered their things and went out.

Master Zhuang was also furious, as this was the first time he had ever encountered such a thing in his entire life.

Yue Yinghan, holding her limp waist, gritted her teeth and said, “That little b*tch just now is Ye Yunla, the general manager of Laxing Technology Company, and also our partner this time! She was in charge of the chip design for the project with Lithos, and after the chip was submitted, it was found to have major problems! Stealing customer information, violating customer privacy, and the chip going to market like that, all of us involved will be held accountable!”

“That’s right, she embedded another code in the chip in order to steal information, which is a criminal act.” Zhuang Yuan said coldly, “Such a thing will cause consumers to distrust the product when word gets out, so Mr Zhou decided to go private. I didn’t expect that Ye Yunla would dare to storm into the Zhuang Group in an open manner to look for trouble, I don’t know whether to call her bold or just too ignorant!”

“She thinks she’s still the young lady of the Fu family, does she really think everyone has to give in to her?” Yue Ying Han said angrily, “A wild chicken who is not worthy of the stage, really thinks she has become a phoenix, simply ridiculous!”

“Han’er, watch your words.” Zhuang Shen gave her a look, “Don’t you want to explain why Miss Ye made a move on you as soon as she entered the door?”

“She’s just a mad dog who bullies whoever she sees fit to bully!” Yue Ying Han’s face twisted, “Mom, Grandpa, you must help me out with this anger.”

Zhuang Shen’s face went cold, “I know Miss Ye’s character well, she would never strike at you for no reason, it must be something you have done that she can’t stand.”

“Uncle!” Yue Ying Han lost her voice, “I am your own niece, how can you defend an outsider? Or is it that uncle really has some indescribable relationship with this b*tch Ye Yunla?”

The atmosphere in the meeting room suddenly froze.

Yue Ying Han also realised with hindsight that she had said the wrong thing, even if uncle and Ye Yunla had something, it was not for her, a junior, to say.

“Han’er is right, one shouldn’t question her for an outsider, no matter what Han’er’s faults are, it’s for the benefit of the Zhuang family.” Elder Zhuang said coldly, “Rather, you Zhuang Shen, how deep is your friendship with that Miss Ye, how is it that you know exactly what she is like? As far as I know, she is the eldest Miss of the Ye family, the young lady of the Fu family, she is not even close to our Zhuang family, how could you know her?”

Seeing that Master Zhuang was speaking for himself, Yue Yinghan became smug again, she laughed lightly and said, “You still don’t know, Grandpa, but there are many pictures of Ye Yunla hanging in Uncle’s study, from childhood to adulthood ……”

Zhuang Shen’s cold eyes swept over, “Who gave you permission to enter my study?”

“Is now the time to pursue this question?” Master Zhuang was furious and blew out his beard, “Zhuang Shen, hurry up and tell me clearly what is going on between you and this Ye Yunla!”

Zhuang Shen was forced by Elder Zhuang’s air pressure to the point where he was powerless to resist.

He slightly lowered his eyes, his fingers slowly clenching.

“Miss Ye is the number one beauty in Haicheng, and I have her picture hanging in my room, what’s wrong with that?” Zhuang Mingfeng faintly relieved his father, “The love of beauty is in everyone’s heart, I don’t see any problem with it.”

“Is this the start of defending your future stepmother?” Yue Yingliang said coldly and sarcastically, “Ye Yunla is just one or two years older than you, you’re so quick to accept someone your own age as your stepmother?”

Zhuang Mingfeng gritted his teeth and said, “Yue Yinghan, don’t talk nonsense!”