HC Chapter 666

Her moving out of the Fu villa seems to have further solidified the rumours of their divorce.

Next, she didn’t need to do anything more, just wait for Catherine to mess herself up ……

“Children, mummy is going to the company to take care of work, you be good and wait for me at home, I will come back and cook for you in the evening.”

Ye Yunla gave each child a kiss on the cheek before driving out the door.

As soon as she left, Fu Ziyan took Ye Jingzhan upstairs and the two of them spent the morning locked up in the study.

Ye Yunla’s car had just driven into the work building when she was blocked by a group of reporters.

Countless microphones and cameras surrounded her.

“Young Madam Fu, someone has filmed you moving out of the Fu family, is this true?”

“Madam Fu, have you and Mr. Fu already started preparing for a divorce?”

“Young Madam Fu, what do you think about the division of property and the custody of the children?”

“Young Madam Fu, ……”

Countless questions flew over like snowflakes.

These people didn’t dare to mess with the president of the Fu Group, but they weren’t afraid of Ye Yunla, a soft woman.

As long as they could interview valuable news, they could earn countless traffic ……

Ye Yunla took off her sungla*ses, her long hair brushed behind her ears as she said in a clear voice: “There is no divorce, let alone a division of property custody.”

When she said this, all the reporters present froze.

The transfer of shares in the Fu Group, Ye Yunla moving out of the Fu family, and that third party causing trouble, there were countless signs proving that there was already a divorce, okay?

A burly reporter was the first to react and blocked Ye Yunla’s way: “If there is no divorce, then why did Young Madam Fu move out of the Fu family with her children?”

Ye Yunla’s cold eyes glowed sharply: “Do I need to tell you about what’s going on between husband and wife? Get out of the way.”

Her last two words were as sharp as a cold knife.

The burly man, who weighed a hundred and eighty, was shaken to the side and made way.

After Ye Yunla entered, the big man rubbed the back of his head.

Such a tough woman, how on earth did she get pushed to the ground by junior Catherine yesterday ……

Ye Yunla entered the office unhindered.

“Mr Ye, what brings you here?” Tan Jing had an anxious look on her face, “The reporters downstairs didn’t give you a hard time, did they?”

“They couldn’t stop it.” Ye Yunla smiled, “Bring all of the company’s contractual projects for the past few months to my office.”

She entered the office, took off her sungla*ses and began to deal with work matters.

These few days and Fu Nanchuan around, the company has delayed a lot of things, several cases of preliminary proposals have not been submitted ……

Just as she got busy, Tan Jing knocked on the office door, “Mr. Ye, just now Mr. Zhou’s secretary called and said that he had to go to a meeting over at Yelitos this afternoon.”

Ye Yunla frowned: “Didn’t we have a proposal review meeting last time, what is it for this time?”

“They didn’t say what the meeting was about, but the secretary repeatedly instructed that this meeting was important.” Tan Jing paused for a moment and said, “Now there are reporters everywhere outside, why don’t I go to the meeting at Yelitos instead of Mr Ye.”

Those reporters were indeed pestering and could chase a question countless times, Ye Yunla had no desire to deal with the reporters, she nodded and said, “Okay, you go over there first, and call me anytime if there is anything important.”

Yelitos Building.

The meeting room.

Zhuang Yuan took a sip of tea and smiled elegantly, “If this matter is done, Mr Zhou will make a lot of money.”

“No matter how much we earn, it will be 50/50 for us.” Mr Zhou faintly stared, “But are you really sure about getting Mr Ye to sign the contract?”

“She doesn’t even have the Fu family as her backer anymore, what is she afraid of?” Yue Yingliang laughed coldly, “She used to suppress me because of the Fu family, but now, she can’t help it!”