HC Chapter 660

“Rush over for an interview!”

Dozens of reporters instantly broke through the defensive line set up by the security guards and surrounded the two women who were tangled together in the lobby.

Ye Yunla was half lying on the carpet, teardrops pooling in her eyes.

She looked towards Catherine who was standing in front of her, her voice choked and trembling, “If you and Beijue truly love each other, I can quit to make you whole, just please don’t come after me again, please don’t come to hurt my child again ……”

Her words caused the surrounding reporters’ faces to change dramatically.

The truth was actually exactly what they thought, how many years had it been since they had seen the drama of a proper wife and a mistress beating each other up?

The reporters excitedly shot at Catherine’s face.

Catherine was bewildered by this scene and did not react for a long time.

Her face was quickly recognised by the journalist.

“Excuse me, are you Miss Catherine, the famous foreign psychiatrist?”

“Yes, it’s Dr. Catherine, last time Dr. Catherine treated my mother, I really didn’t expect Catherine to be a third party.”

“Dr. Catherine, may I ask if you are really Mr. Fu’s lover?”

“Is it true that Mr. Fu and Young Lady Fu divorced because of you?”

“You are a doctor with social status, why would you want to be a mistress?”


Countless flashing lights lit up, stinging people’s eyes, and Catherine was almost broken down.

Just then, Fu Nanchuan suddenly appeared in the lobby.

His slender and upright figure walked over and directly blocked Catherine’s body.

His face was grim, his long legs striding out, dodging a camera and smashing it to the ground, the lens pulverising, and all the reporters turned ashen with fear.

“Get out!”

He spat out a cold word and the journalists present were scared sh*tless and ran out in less than a minute.

Catherine grabbed Fu Nanchuan’s arm in fear and complained aggressively, “It’s all because of Ye Yunla, she deliberately stimulated me, she deliberately set it up, she just wanted me to make a fool of myself in front of the reporters ……”

Ye Yunla got up from the ground slowly and methodically.

She patted the dust on her knees and said indifferently, “Do you dare deny that you are not the third party?”

“I met Nanchuan first, I was with Nanchuan first, that’s why you are the third party ……” Catherine’s words just got halfway through.

Fu Nanchuan then said with a face full of impatience, “Shut up and get lost!”

Catherine trembled with fear.

She was aggrieved to the extreme, but it was obvious that this man did not care about her aggression.

He had just helped her to relieve herself in front of the reporters, and was afraid that he was also trying to maintain the reputation of Fu’s group ……

She bit her lower lip and said, “Nanchuan, don’t be angry, I’ll go first.”

She did not dare to go through the front door and left through the side door, escorted by the security guards.

Fu Nanchuan copied his pocket with one hand, the corners of his mouth hooked in an evil delusion as he walked towards Ye Yunla.

“Didn’t you say you’d be a young lady honestly, what do you want to do with this drama again?”

The man’s large palm fiercely grabbed the woman’s chin.

His index finger rubbed against the smooth skin of her chin, his voice low and cold and gloomy.

“Ye Yunla, did I say that if you play any more tricks, I’ll take a few children?”

Ye Yunla looked straight into his gaze, hooked her lips and said faintly, “You also don’t forget that you are my nominal husband, the third party outside comes to the president’s office of Fu’s group to look for you everyday, you are not afraid of people’s accusations, but I am afraid of becoming the number one joke in Haicheng.”