HC Chapter 643

“Yara, it’s okay, it’s okay, the children are fine ……”

It took all of Fu Nanchuan’s efforts to calm Ye Yunla down.

Only after she lay quietly on the bed did he then walk out of the ward with the psychiatrist.

“Why did she suddenly lose control?” Fu Nanchuan lit a cigarette and wrinkled his brows as he enquired.

“I used a little hypnosis on her to get her into the scenario I created, but ended up botching it ……” Doctor Fang was a little chagrined, “I didn’t expect the young lady to get so emotional at the mention of the baby, I’ll do it differently next time ……”

Fu Nanchuan frowned, “You know hypnosis?”

He seemed to have heard Catherine mention that there weren’t many psychologists in the world who knew hypnosis ……

Dr. Fang coughed, “I am the president of the Hai Cheng Psychological a*sociation, I still know a little bit of hypnosis ……”

Usually it is the patient who comes to the door and asks him to see him and has to make an appointment and queue for at least a month, but this time the patient was the young lady of the Fu family, so he came straight over and also wanted to make a personal connection.

Fu Nanchuan nodded indifferently, “I will contact you again when she recovers a bit.”

Dr. Fang politely said goodbye and left.

Fu Nanchuan stood outside and finished smoking a cigarette before he turned around and walked towards the ward.

As he gripped the door handle, he smiled to himself.

Just a month ago, he must not have thought that he would be so anxious about a woman’s condition.

Forget it, let’s just pretend that he owed it to Fu Beijue.

He pushed the door in and saw Ye Yunla sitting on the bed in the same position she had just been in, with a pair of eyes looking listlessly out of the window ……

It was only when he entered that she slowly turned her head over, the corners of her mouth pulling a bitter smile, “Was I right, my illness is simply incurable.”

“You’re right, it’s those doctors who aren’t good enough.” Fu Nanchuan comforted her, “I’ll find you another psychiatrist.”

“That doctor’s standard is actually quite good.” Ye Yunla said, “He should have used hypnosis on me, that’s why I suddenly fell into the nightmare I had last night. I’ve checked, there are no more than ten psychologists in the whole of Haicheng who know hypnosis, and finding another doctor to come over may not be better than Dr. Fang …… Forget it Beijue, let’s leave it at that ……”

Fu Nanchuan insisted, “I’ll try to find one more.”

He took out his phone and casually checked the internet, then saw a familiar name appear on the news.

“Famous overseas psychiatrist Katherine has successfully cured a wealthy man of years of mental illness, and patients who have come to the door to make appointments to receive treatment are already lined up for six months later ……”

Fu Nanchuan stared at the screen without speaking.

When he met Catherine several years ago, he knew that she was a genius psychology master.

When she was only eighteen years old, I think, she had already won the highest honor in the region and had been in and out of the royal family to treat the Queen ……

“Catherine is excellent.” Ye Yunla’s gaze fell on his phone screen at some point, “I’ve heard your mother say that Catherine is an excellent psychologist, perhaps, she can be allowed to treat me.”

Fu Nanchuan looked into her eyes, “There’s a bit of misunderstanding between you and her, that’s not very good.”

Although he also felt that Catherine should be able to cure Ye Yunla, but just two days ago, Ye Yunla also had such a big conflict with Catherine, there was a conflict between the patient and the doctor, psychotherapy should be difficult to start ……

“You also said it was just a misunderstanding.” Ye Yunla said calmly, “Since the misunderstanding has been cleared up, it’s nothing. I know I’m very sick and one day my body won’t hold up, I want to be completely cured of my psychological illness before the children return to China …… Can you help ask Catherine to step in and treat me?”

Fu Nanchuan stared at her, “Are you sure?”