HC Chapter 638

Jing’er and Little Yinyin had never left her for even one night in the years since they were born ……

She had just been reunited with Fu Ziyan and Fu Ziling for a few days, and now she had to be forced to part ……

She used all her strength to suppress her tears and looked at Feng Cheng Yu and said, “I’ve bothered you this time, I’ll thank you after I’m done with this.”

Feng Chengyu waved his hand, “If you have any difficulties, just call me and tell me, I’ll be there whenever you need me.”

Ye Yunla watched him take the four children into the airport.

As soon as the children’s figures disappeared at the gate, she couldn’t control her red eyes, and her tears became watery and slipped down her cheeks.

She really had no choice but to send the children away.

She also really couldn’t find anyone else before she called Feng Chengyu for help.

She didn’t know how to thank Feng Chengyu later, nor did she know exactly what to do next ……

Every step of the way, she had to be careful.

Ye Yunla glanced at the time, the man should be at the office at this time ……

She had to make a big deal out of this while the kids were still on the plane ……

Ye Yunla walked into the bathroom, caught a basin of water and drenched it directly on her body.

She hadn’t rested well for many days and was under a lot of mental stress, plus she had been repressed for a long time, and her nose was blocked before she had worn her wet clothes for ten minutes.

She felt so dizzy straight away that she didn’t even have to pretend, her eyes went black and she fell straight into the bathroom.

There was a loud bang and the woman next door who was using the toilet was startled and then exclaimed, “Someone, it’s not good, someone has fainted!”

Fu’s Building.

A multinational meeting was being held.

Fu Nanchuan sat in the president’s office chair, a wave of impatience hovering between his brows.

He had no professional training and no one had trained him since he was a child, he simply could not understand what these executives were reporting.

Yet he had to sit patiently and listen to the Group’s business reports.

The executives sitting at the bottom were all shivering ……

They had previously felt that Mr. Fu was cold and not to be messed with, but now they found that Mr. Fu seemed even colder, like an evil shura crawling out of hell.

Especially that look in his eyes, chilly with violence, as if if if anyone reported something wrong, Mr. Fu might be angry at any time ……

“Buzz off!”

Just at this moment, Fu Nanchuan’s mobile phone vibrated on the desktop.

He glanced at it and was slightly surprised.

It was actually that woman calling him.

Since he became Fu Beijue, this was the first time he had received a call from Ye Yunla.

He was in a rather good mood and made a gesture of silence before putting the call through.

“Excuse me, are you this lady’s husband, she is now being sent to the city hospital, please come over as soon as possible ……”

Fu Nanchuan jerked up: “What’s wrong with her?”

“She fainted with fever and is being given fluids, she needs her family to come over and sign for the bill.”

Fu Nanchuan picked up his suit jacket and headed out of the conference room.

Jiang Ye hurriedly chased him out: “Boss …… Mr. Fu, the meeting is only halfway through ……”

“You continue to listen to the briefing instead of me, and feel free to contact me if there are any problems.” Without looking back, Fu Nanchuan walked into the lift.

Jiang Ye: “……”

He’s just a punk, he can’t understand anything ……

Why don’t we just record it all and send it to the boss ……