HC Chapter 633

“Young lady, this is the Fu family’s biggest secret, and I shouldn’t have been the one to tell you, but I really don’t want you and sir to continue to misunderstand.”

Housekeeper Qiao looked serious, his gaze slightly bewildered, as if he was remembering a long, long time ago ……

“Sir had a twin brother by blood, who was found to be suffering from congenital heart disease when he was first born …… A large family like the Fu family, if there was a child with a disease, it would definitely trigger a lot of speculation from the outside world and would not be conducive to the child’s recovery, so the Fu family kept the matter under wraps ……”

“The youngest was sent to the hospital for treatment of a heart condition, an operation that nearly killed the youngest on the operating table, at that time, the youngest was only three months old, a three month old child, such a small ball …… The doctors gave up on the treatment and said that the youngest would only live to be one year old at best …… At that time, madam and sir ran around day and night for the young master and finally found a thousand year old temple to bless the young master ……”

“The temple’s Taoist monk left the young master at the temple, and under the monk’s care, the young master miraculously lived past one year old, so Mr. and Mrs. gave the young master to the monk’s care and raised him with confidence, and followed the monk’s words to conceal the young master’s existence, except for me and Mr. and Mrs., no fourth person knew at that time that the Fu family had a young master ……”

The shock waves in Ye Yunla’s heart pressed down.

When Butler Qiao stopped, she asked after her, “And then, what happened?”

“In short, the eldest young master has never returned to the Fu family for so many years, and has never enjoyed the glory and wealth of the Fu family.” Housekeeper Qiao sighed and said, “The second young master, on the other hand, grew up in the Fu family and logically became the heir to the Fu family, inheriting everything from the Fu family …… After sir married the young lady, his life was complete, but the eldest young master is still wandering around, so sir will feel guilty, I guess.”

“Young Madam, Sir is just ashamed of his own brother, not that he has another woman in his heart, this is a misunderstanding.”

“But all this that I told young madam tonight, you must not say anything, this is a secret of the Fu family, it’s not time to make it public yet ……”

Ye Yunla pursed her lips, “Since Beijue’s brother is still alive now, he should be twenty-six years old and his heart condition should have been cured, why don’t you bring him back?”

Butler Qiao sighed heavily once again, “Young Madam, it’s not my turn to say anything about this matter, when the gentleman has thought it over later, he will tell you.”

Ye Yunla knew that no matter how much she asked, Housekeeper Qiao would never speak of this deeper secret again.

However, knowing that Fu Beijiu had a twin brother was enough ……

She said softly, “Thank you Butler Qiao for unlocking the knot in my heart, I won’t tell anyone about this matter, just consider it a secret between us.”

Butler Qiao nodded: “It’s good that young madam has thought about it, it’s getting late, hurry up and get some rest.”

Ye Yunla pulled up the corners of her mouth to reveal a smile, then slowly walked upstairs.

She closed the door to her room and sat on the edge of the bed, looking down at the man lying on the floor ……

She finally sorted out the key, and finally knew, who this strange man was.

Fu Chuan, or Fu Chuan, the young master of the Fu family, Fu Beiji’s own brother ……

This is Fu Chuan, what about Fu Beijiu?

Where did Fu Beijiu go?

Ye Yunla looked at the fruit knife on the coffee table, she wanted to put it against Fu Chuan’s neck so badly.

But she couldn’t.

If this was a carefully planned and long-lasting game, then by doing so, she would only be pushing Fu Beijue into a dangerous situation.

She had to take her time.

First, she had to find out where Fu Beijiu was.

Ye Yunla got up and pulled the man up with force, then put him on the bed, she raised her hand to strip him clean and covered him with the quilt.

She lay on the other side of the bed, her two eyes dull.

The night was getting deeper and deeper.

Fu Nanchuan pressed his sinking head and slowly opened his eyes.

What met his eyes was the unfamiliar ceiling, the soft quilt, the warm curtains and the woman sitting at the dressing table putting on her make-up.

He sat up straight with a jerk.

Last night, he had actually slept so deeply.

He hadn’t slept this heavily since that ……

“You’re awake?”