HC Chapter 631

She kept psyching herself up for several seconds before scolding her lightly in shyness, “You smell like Kathryn’s perfume and have lipstick marks on your shirt, you’d have to take a shower if you wanted to touch me.”

So he was still jealous.

The gloom on Fu Nanchuan’s face dissipated a little.

He smelled his body and it did smell heavily of perfume.

He took off his jacket and curled his lips, “Wait for me, I’ll take a shower first.”

Ye Yunla looked down to gather up the shards of gla*s on the floor, “Slow down, don’t fall in the bathroom again.”

“Am I that stupid?”

Fu Nanchuan let out a low laugh and walked into the bathroom.

Ye Yunla lowered her head, tears almost falling from her eyes.

She quickly cleaned up the gla*s shards on the floor, then brought in a bottle of red wine.

When Fu Nanchuan came out after showering, there were two gla*ses of red wine on the coffee table in the bedroom.

“Come over and have a drink.” The corners of Ye Yunla’s mouth curled with a smile if anything, “The night we received our marriage license, this is how we drank first, then ……”

She lowered her eyes, her side of her face a little flushed.

Fu Nanchuan complied and sat over.

Before it was Fu Beijiu, then every day after that, it was him.

And all the memory scenes in her mind, in the future, it could only be him too ……

Fu Nanchuan’s hand rested on Ye Yunla’s shoulder, always pressing and rubbing gently and heavily.

Ye Yunla tried desperately to endure it and smiled delicately, “Beijue, do you still remember the day we first met?”

Fu Nanchuan was a little annoyed and stifled most of his gla*s of wine: “Why do you keep bringing up the past, it’s time to talk about the future.”

“Okay, then let’s talk about the future.” Ye Yunla was still smiling, “Mum says she still wants a granddaughter, but I think we already have four children at home, so I don’t want to have any more, what do you think?”

“Of course you want to have more.” Fu Nanchuan’s expression was pleasant, “If we have a few daughters who are similar to Little Yinyin, the family will be more lively.”

“I think that one daughter is enough.” Ye Yunla said in a slow voice.

“Not enough, of course not.”

Fu Nanchuan’s other hand also took hold of her shoulder.

No matter how cute Little Yinyin was, she was not his own daughter.

He yearned for the light and for a child of his own ……

His lips moved closer little by little.

Ye Yunla closed her eyes, a look of obedience to the core, as she silently waited for the kiss.

She also silently counted down in her mind ……

When she counted to eight, there was a loud boom and the man rolled over and collapsed onto the sofa.

Ye Yunla let out a fierce sigh of relief.

She got up and pretended to be worried as she shouted, “Beijue, Beijue, wake up, what’s wrong with you, are you drunk ……”

She shouted several times in a row, but the man did not move at all.

Ye Yunla lifted her foot and kicked him away, the man rolled unconsciously onto the carpet.

She sneered, indifference all over her eyes.

She took out a torch from the drawer of the bedside table and squatted on the floor, carefully looking over the man’s face ……

A familiar face, handsome outline of features, not a trace of plastic surgery to be found ……

The actual fact is that you can find a lot more than just a few of these.

Could it be that Fu Beijue is really just a dual personality disorder?

She was still undeterred and used her phone to take a few close-ups of his face and upload them to her private cloud album, then deleted the photos from her phone.