HC Chapter 628


A crunching sound exploded through the lounge.

Catherine’s entire body was blindsided by the blow, she felt the rusty taste of blood coming from her mouth and half of her face was numb.

She wasn’t the only one, Ye Yunla’s palms were also numb.

She had slapped the slap with almost all her strength.

She stared at Catherine and said word for word, “Do you have the right to interrupt when we are talking as a couple?”

Catherine’s lips trembled: “I …… Miss Ye, Mr. Fu and I are genuinely in love with each other, you should quit ……”

Ye Yunla was really angry and laughed.

She backhanded another slap across her face.

She had really been repressed for too long, she had wanted to give these two slaps to this man, but unfortunately, Catherine had to come over unknowingly.

One slap was not enough, so Ye Yunla slapped her again.

With three consecutive slaps, Catherine’s face instantly swelled up.

“That’s enough.” Fu Nanchuan squeezed Ye Yunla’s wrist, “Nothing happened between Catherine and I. It was indeed a misunderstanding.”

Ye Yunla jerked her hand out.

She looked down and once again picked up a glass of wine and splashed it over.

“Fu Beijiu, you really disgust me.”

She turned and left, her back sharp as a tack, not dragging in the slightest.

Catherine covered her painful and swollen face and said aggressively, “Nan …… The actual fact is that you are able to get a lot more than just a few of these. You are not Fu Beijue, so why should you give in to her? How about you divorce her, after the divorce you will never have to worry about being found out again ……”

“Shut up!”

Fu Nanchuan pinched his brow.

He had accidentally drunk a little more wine today and then got compelled by Catherine.

He hadn’t thought about having anything with Catherine, but with Ye Yunla’s attitude like this, it was as if he already had something with Catherine ……

“I’ll say it again, no more appearing in front of my eyes in the future!” Fu Nanchuan’s voice was grim, “These few slaps today will be taken as punishment for you coming to me without permission, and hopefully, there won’t be a next time.”

After he finished, he picked up the suit jacket on the ground, lifted his steps and walked away.

Catherine twitched her lips, tears kept falling down ……

Just as Fu Nanchuan walked out, Jiang Ye covered his chest and came over, “Boss, I shouldn’t have let the young lady barge in, it’s my fault ……”

Fu Nanchuan raised his foot and kicked Jiang Ye hard in the knee, “Rice bucket!”


Ye Yunla drove all the way back to Fu’s house at a gallop.

It was only six or seven o’clock in the evening and the children were all playing in the courtyard, accompanied by Mrs. Fu and housekeeper Qiao.

It was a good thing that she had been alone lately, and the people were not surprised that she had driven back alone.

Ye Yunla went upstairs first to change into casual clothes before going downstairs to play in the sand with the children in the courtyard.

“Mummy, do you see how pretty my castle is?”

Little Yinyin asked gleefully, pointing at the castle built out of sand on the ground.

Ye Yunla smiled and said, “A very pretty castle, did Little Yinyin finish it?”

“It was big brother, second brother and third brother who helped me build it together.” Little Yinyin cocked her head and said, “Daddy used to play with me in the sand too, and Daddy built the most beautiful and awesome castle in the world.”

Ye Yunla’s heart sank.

She pushed down the hurt under her eyes and forced a smile to play with the few children.

Soon it was time for dinner and housekeeper Qiao took the few children to the bathroom to wash their hands.

“Little Yan Yan, wait a moment.”