HC Chapter 626

Ye Yunla and Zhuang Shen were talking in an out-of-the-way corner.

Both of them were wearing black clothes and did not attract much attention.

“Miss Ye, have you not rested well in the past few days, the dark circles under your eyes are a bit heavy.” Zhuang Shen stared at her features and said with slight concern, “It’s best not to take sleeping pills if you can’t sleep, drink a cup of hot milk and soak your feet before going to bed, it helps you rest.”

Ye Yunla smiled and nodded, “Thank you Mr. Zhuang for your concern, I’ll remember.”

Zhuang Shen hesitantly opened his lips and finally spoke, “May I ask if there are any problems in Miss Ye’s marriage?”

Ye Yunla raised her eyes and looked at him with a clear gaze.

“I’m sorry!” Zhuang Shen hurriedly apologized, “I’m not gossiping and curious, I just …… I want to care about you, if you feel abrupt, you can not answer.”

“My husband and I have a stable marriage and a good relationship, thank you Mr. Zhuang for your concern.”

Ye Yunla curled her lips to reveal a smile, very relaxed between her expressions.

Although Zhuang Shen was not a businessman, he was also fifty years old, and there was nothing one could not see when living to this age.

He could see that Ye Yunla was perfunctory.

He could also see that there should be no small problem with Ye Yunla’s marriage ……

However, he did not know how to continue to ask with concern.

To Yara, he was similar to a stranger, so who was she to tell a stranger about her private love life ……

That day when he saw the news of Fu Beijue and LaLa’s marriage break out, he couldn’t sleep a wink, he felt sad for the daughter he hadn’t recognized back.

At the same time, he was a little shamefully glad.

If LaLa and Fu BeiJue had really divorced, wouldn’t he have been able to claim her, his daughter, back into the Zhuang family when LaLa was down and out ……

But this thought, too, was only a fleeting one.

He would prefer, for example, that LaLa be happily married and live happily for the rest of her life ……

“Dad, what are you guys talking about?” Just then, Zhuang Mingfeng walked over, his gaze falling on Ye Yunla, “And this is?”

Zhuang Shen looked back, “This is Miss Ye.”

“Miss Ye, a pleasure to meet you.” Zhuang Mingfeng nodded gently to Ye Yunla, then looked to Zhuang Shen and whispered, “Dad, the anniversary of mother’s death is coming up, how are you going to arrange ……”

A word that clearly reached Ye Yunla’s ears.

She smiled unperturbedly, “Mr. Zhuang, you guys talk, I’ll go over first.”

She stepped away and calmly walked to the side to talk to her other business partners.

Zhuang Shen’s face was full of regret as he turned his head and said, “Feng’er, why are you suddenly here too?”

Zhuang Mingfeng said in a light voice: “Dad, the owner of those photos in your study is this Miss Ye, right?”

Zhuang Shen’s eyes changed, “You’ve been to my study?”

“Dad, I don’t mind if you find me another stepmother, but not this Miss Ye.” Zhuang Mingfeng said coldly, “Even if she’s only two years older than me, she’s still the young lady of the Fu family, Dad should not do something confusing.”

Zhuang Shen’s face was full of disbelief, “What are you babbling about?”

“If you want people to know, you have to do it yourself.” Zhuang Mingfeng said indifferently, “The anniversary of Ma’s death is coming up, so Dad should prepare well.”

After he finished speaking, he lifted his steps and left.

Zhuang Shen’s old face turned red with anger ……

Ye Yunla had a very pleasant chat with a few of the old bosses she had worked with.

She glanced at the time, it was already very late and it was time to leave.

She looked in the direction where Fu Beijue had disappeared, but she didn’t see that familiar figure.