HC Chapter 623

Also, the man’s tiger mouth was thickly calloused, so he should have been holding a gun for many years.

How did Fu Beijiu have such a person beside him ……

Many thoughts flashed through her mind, but in fact it was only for a second or two, Ye Yunla pushed her thoughts down and squatted down and said with a soft smile, “Little Yan Yan, you go home with Uncle Jiang, Mommy will go back to stay with you in the evening.”

Fu Ziyan was really shocked this time.

He realized through and through that daddy was really different from before.

He also needed time to digest what he had just seen, and he nodded, “Bye Mummy, I’ll go first.”

He lowered his eyes, lifted his steps and walked out.

After watching him leave, Ye Yunla then let out a sigh of relief.

She sat down towards the sofa, a bright smile on her face, “What event are you going to attend later?”

“A business celebration.” Fu Nanchuan said in a light voice, “If you don’t want to, I won’t force you to go.”

“If I don’t go, will you get Catherine to accompany you? Or Secretary Tang?” Ye Yunla rested her hands on her face and smiled, “With the rumours of our marriage, it’s time for me to attend the event with you to make those voices disappear. But I haven’t acquired a new dress recently, can you accompany me to buy a dress for styling?”

Fu Nanchuan glanced at the time, it was after ten in the morning, more than two hours before the banquet.

He stepped over and locked the silver safe into the cabinet, before nodding, “Go, go and accompany you for a styling session.”

Ye Yunla put her hand into the crook of his arm, a bright and lustrous smile on her face, only the smile on her face did not reach the bottom of her eyes.

The two of them stepped into the lift together and walked out of Fu’s building together.

Fu Nanchuan drove her to the door of a styling studio.

Ye Yunla pushed open the car door and got down, smiling, “The styling studio you took me to last time was quite nice, why don’t you go to that one anymore?”

“This one is also quite nice.”

Fu Nanchuan took the lead and stepped in.

Ye Yunla walked behind him, her eyes slightly downcast, the smile on her face finally disappearing.

After the two of them entered, the waiter warmly greeted them, “Mr. Fu, Miss Ye, welcome, may I ask if you still need the stylist from last time to serve you?”

Ye Yunla sat on the sofa and smiled lightly and elegantly, “Yes, let her come.”

However, Fu Nanchuan’s eyebrows sank in a flash.

He stared coldly at Ye Yunla: “You’re testing me?”

“I just want to know if there is really something wrong with your memory.” Ye Yunla curled her lips, “Said you would love me for the rest of your life, and then you changed your heart in a month, all your vows became a sham. So I wondered if you had lost your memory, and the result of the test was that you really seem to have some memory problems, obviously you came to this styling studio over a month ago, and you actually don’t remember.”

She shook her head and flipped open the lookbook to look at it slowly.

Cold air hovered between Fu Nanchuan’s brows.

This woman was much more difficult to deal with than those kids.

It was obvious that he was already suspected.

It should have been from the time Catherine appeared that Ye Yunla’s attitude towards him had subtly changed.

Sure enough, women were the most troublesome!

Fu Nanchuan pinched his brow with a look of impatience.

Ye Yunla swept a glance at him and gave a sneer before getting up and following the stylist to choose a dress.

She didn’t take the event seriously, and her dress was chosen at random, a tight black silk dress with her hair pulled up high and two strands of hair falling on her forehead, her whole body was elegant and sexy.

Fu Nanchuan sat on the sofa and looked up at the woman walking closer and closer.

He suddenly envied Fu Beijiu, to have such a wife, to have four children, to have a warm home ……

This is something that he could never have in his lifetime ……