HC Chapter 622

Fu Nanchuan narrowed his eyes.

Fu Ziyan and Fu Beijiu looked so much alike, with the exact same eyes and thin lips and the exact same aura.

If he were a little taller, he would almost think that it was the fifteen-year-old Fu Beijue standing in front of him ……

For the past twenty years, he had been stepped on hard by Fu Beijiu.

Now, he would no longer have any tolerance for Fu Beijiu.

“I don’t have time to answer your question!” Fu Nanchuan’s eyes were gloomy and hostile, “I’m asking you, what are you rummaging through here looking for?”

His gaze was extremely aggressive, like a sharp arrow piercing straight into Fu Ziyan’s brow.

No matter how smart and calm Fu Ziyan was, he was only a four-year-old child, and he simply could not afford such an imposing pressure.

His lips gradually turned white, and cold sweat once again seeped from his back ……

“He’s helping me find something, what’s wrong?”

A clear, cold voice came from outside the office door.

Fu Ziyan looked up and saw Ye Yunla stepping on her high heels, slowly walking in and then blocking him.

His heart settled down strangely at this moment.

Ye Yunla shielded Fu Ziyan behind her, her gaze clear and cold as she looked at the man in front of her: “I dropped the earrings in your office when I came over to deliver breakfast yesterday, I asked Ziyan to help me look around the office, why, is there a problem?”

Fu Nanchuan coldly opened his lips, “Is that so?”

Ye Yunla hooked her lips into a mocking arc: “You’re so afraid of Zi Yan looking for something in your office, are you afraid he’ll find something he shouldn’t see?”

She stood on tiptoe and leaned close to the man’s ear, lowering her voice, “Afraid of finding a woman’s stockings or underwear, or evidence of your lovemaking?”

Fu Nanchuan’s face sank for a moment, then he smiled coldly.

He stared at Ye Yunla and slowly said, “I was the one who overestimated you before, I didn’t expect that, for the sake of jealousy, you would drag a child into the game.”

“I am also just an ordinary woman, my pattern is not as big as you think.” She raised her hand to help Fu Nanchuan straighten his tie and smiled faintly, “I’ve come to pick up Ziyan from home, take your time, I hope you can go home tonight.”

She said and took the little one’s hand.

When her fingertips touched, she was startled for a moment that Ziyan’s hand was so cold, as if she had taken it out of the ice cellar.

She squeezed the small, soft hand hard, trying to warm him up a little more.

“Jiang Ye, come in.”

Fu Nanchuan spoke coldly.

A bodyguard-like man in a black suit walked in with low brows.

“Send the eldest young master back safely.” Fu Nanchuan raised his eyes to look at Ye Yunla, “You stay behind and accompany me to an event later.”

Ye Yunla looked at Jiang Ye twice more and asked, seemingly casually, “Is this your new assistant or your new secretary?”

“Zheng Bei was transferred to the region as a manager, this is my new assistant, Jiang Ye.” Fu Nanchuan said blandly, “If you have anything to do in the future, you can go directly to him.”

Ye Yunla smiled and nodded from Jiang Ye, “Hello, I’m Ye Yunla.”

She extended her right hand.

Jiang Ye respectfully said, “Hello young lady, I’m Jiang Ye, you can just call me Xiao Jiang.”

He glanced at Fu Nanchuan before carefully shaking hands with Ye Yunla.

However, Ye Yunla shook his palm with force.

“Assistant Jiang, it’s nice to meet you.”

Ye Yunla shook his hand hard before releasing it.

The thin calluses on her fingers and the thickness of her palm could all indicate that this person had kung fu on him.

And kung fu was not lower than hers ……