HC Chapter 619

Ye Jingzhan stood up, his gaze dark and heavy.

He looked at his big brother, who was almost as tall as he was, and slowly said, “I want to plump up my wings, I want to be able to protect mommy.”

Fu Ziyan pursed his lips, “You still can’t trust Daddy, can you?”

“Is there anything about him that I can trust?” Ye Jingzhan asked rhetorically, “They say that children are like the sky in June, they change at the drop of a hat, but Fu Beijiu changes even faster than children. I can’t be sure that he will love Mummy for the rest of his life, then I can only make myself strong and wait for a day when Mummy is completely disappointed with him before I take Mummy and my sister away.”

“So ……” Fu Ziyan’s voice was dry and hoarse, “You never thought about me and Fu Ziling?”

“Your surname is Fu, my sister and I are surnamed Ye, we are not meant to go all the way.”

Ye Jingzhan turned around and sat down on the bed, lowering his brows and eyes, a very resistant look.

Looking at him like this, Fu Ziyan didn’t know what to say at all.

When daddy and mummy had problems, the first thing he thought of was, helping daddy to explain and making all kinds of excuses for him.

He had always felt that he loved and loved Mummy very much.

But when problems arose in this family, he realised that he was very mean.

As long as he could maintain the apparent happiness of a family of six, he could actually put Mummy’s feelings aside ……

He was the eldest brother, but he was not as good as Jing’er.

“Jing’er, leave this matter to me ……” Fu Ziyan looked at him and said, “I am the big brother, I will protect each and every one of you, please trust me.”

Ye Jingzhan pursed his lips and said, “I hope so.”

This night, Fu Beijiu did not return.

Instead, he drove his car into the villa early in the morning.

Butler Qiao was extremely surprised and hurriedly welcomed him in, “Sir, have you had breakfast?”

Fu Nanchuan casually threw his suit jacket on the sofa and wrinkled his brows, “Where is Fu Ziyan?”

“It’s six o’clock in the morning, the young master should still be resting.” Butler Qiao asked cautiously, “Is sir looking for Young Master for something very important, do I need to wake Young Master up earlier?”

“Tell him to hurry up.”

Fu Nanchuan’s brow was knitted tightly, his face was full of impatience.

Butler Qiao did not dare to find bad luck and hurriedly went upstairs and knocked on Fu Ziyan’s room door.

This night, Fu Ziyan did not sleep at all, he was always thinking in his head about how to make himself stronger, how to make himself capable of protecting his mommy ……

Thinking about it, he lost sleep all night.

“Young master, sir wants you to hurry up and go downstairs ……” Butler Qiao was just halfway through saying that when he was startled, “Why are your dark circles under your eyes so heavy, did you sleep late last night ……”

“I’m fine.” Fu Ziyan put on his jacket and got out of bed, “What did Daddy want to see me about?”

“I’m not sure about that, it should be something important.” Housekeeper Qiao helped him put on his shoes and fixed his hair again.

Fu Ziyan stepped downstairs and caught a glimpse of the man lying on the sofa.

Wherever Daddy used to sit, his body would exude an aura of arrogance and elegance, and even if he was very tired and worn out, Daddy’s sitting posture had the manners of an aristocratic cla*s.

But now daddy, lazily lying down, two legs resting on the coffee table, looks like a cynical thug ……

Fu Ziyan suppressed this strange feeling and said good-naturedly, “Daddy, what do you want from me in such a hurry?”

“Come with me to the company.”