HC Chapter 618

Daddy’s sudden departure seems to be related to that Katherine woman ……

He is very suspicious that daddy has fallen in love ……

But this kind of relationship matters, he can not understand a child, but dare not ask mommy ……

Now that mommy is looking for him alone, is she supposed to tell him about this?

Ye Yunla walked into Ye Jingzhan’s bedroom, closed the door with her backhand, then sat on the edge of the bed and said in a faint voice: “Take out your notebook.”

Ye Jingzhan’s fingers tightened: “Mummy, I ……”

“I know you hid the notebook under the bed, take it out.” Ye Yunla said softly, “Mommy isn’t blaming you, there’s something I need your help with.”

Ye Jingzhan breathed a sigh of relief.

He almost thought that Mummy knew that he had created a hacking studio online ……

If Mummy intervened to stop it, he had only one option, and that was to disband the studio.

He couldn’t let go of his hard-earned business, but he could give up anything at the word of his mommy.

Luckily, Mummy didn’t find out.

Ye Jingzhan plopped down on the floor and nimbly took out his notebook, saying very nicely, “Mummy, what do you want me to do?”

“Remember I asked you to look up information about a man called Fu Chuan?” Ye Yunla said, “You can now check again where he is and whether he is still alive.”

Ye Jingzhan nodded, his fingers tapping the keyboard rapidly, constantly searching for useful information.

Fifteen minutes later, he raised his head, his face tightly frowning, “Fu Chuan showed up in Haicheng twenty-eight days ago, and then it’s like he evaporated, I can’t find any trace of him at all.”

Ye Yunla said in a slow voice, “Could it be that he’s dead?”

“Another possibility is that he was locked up and isolated from all modern technology.” Ye Jingzhan said, “He is now a wanted man by the police, and until the police announce his death, it cannot be concluded that he has passed away.”

“Okay, I understand.” Ye Yunla stood up, “Thank you Jing’er.”

Although she also knew hacking techniques, Jing’er was more powerful than her, and even Jing’er could only check this, so that meant Fu Chuan was really missing.

And it was the kind where no one was seen alive and no body was seen dead.

So why were Fu Beijue and Catherine so sure that Fu Chuan was dead?

Ye Yunla wrinkled her brows and walked out of Ye Jingzhan’s room.

As soon as she left, Ye Jingzhan brought up another interface of the computer, his fingers pressed rapidly on the keyboard, and the screen was flashing with various black codes.

“Bang Bang!”

There was a sudden knock on the door of the room.

Ye Jingzhan hurriedly closed the laptop screen and calmly said, “Come in.”

Fu Ziyan pushed the door open and walked in, closing the door behind him: “Jing’er, what did mommy just ask you for?”

Ye Jingzhan shook his head, “Nothing, what’s wrong?”

Seeing that he was reluctant to talk, Fu Ziyan didn’t pursue the question, he paused and said, “The company that Daddy gave you, you changed the name?”

“Well, it changed its name, and also changed the corporate information.” Ye Jingzhan said in a light voice, “This is a gift from daddy, is it okay for me to change these things?”

Fu Ziyan stared at him and said, “There’s no problem, I’m just curious, why are you suddenly willing to accept the things Daddy gave you?”

A month or so ago, Daddy had given Jing’er a company, but Jing’er was not willing to take it at all and didn’t go to the company for a month long.

Two days ago, Jing’er suddenly went to the company frequently, changing the company’s name and corporate information was not an easy task, but Jing’er did it all within three days.

It’s impossible not to think about it.