HC Chapter 615

“Daddy, I want to eat candyfloss ……”

Little Yinyin’s pouty voice broke the eerie atmosphere.

Fu Nanchuan lowered his eyebrows and scooped up the little girl: “Go, buy candyfloss.”

Ye Yunla’s gaze was taboo: “Didn’t Miss Catherine care about Fu Chuan a lot, why are you not the least bit sad that he died?”

“He just went to a better place, why should I be sad?” Catherine stared at Fu Nanchuan’s back and slowly curled her lips, “Mr. Fu seems to be doing quite well as a father.”

Ye Yunla coldly hooked her lips, “Fatherly love is innate.”

Catherine suppressed the sneer at the corners of her lips, “Fatherly love is natural, but love between a man and a woman isn’t. I’ve been here for so long, but I haven’t seen Mr. Fu look at Miss Ye directly.”

Ye Yunla’s face turned cold.

If she had only suspected just now, then now, she was almost certain that there must be something between Catherine and Fu Beijiu.

But that day when they had met by chance in the bar, there had been a sword fight between Fu Beijue and Catherine, and they had almost fought, so there would be sparks between these two?

The Catherine of that day was arrogant and condescending in front of Duke Fu, and her words were full of condemnation.

But just now when Catherine spoke, she always glanced at Fu Beiji first, as if she was asking for instructions on whether Fu Beiji should say that sentence ……

This look is like a superior and a subordinate.

Ye Yunla’s eyes were tightly narrowed, her gaze like a searchlight sizing up Catherine.

“Miss Ye doesn’t need to look at me like that, I’m just more sympathetic to you.” Catherine fiddled with her nails, “It hasn’t even been a month since you were newly married, and the internet has spread rumours of your marriage change, and Mr. Fu has even lost his wedding ring, originally I thought all this was nothing, but just now, Mr. Fu didn’t even give you a single look, enough to show that the man has changed his heart. If Miss Ye is a smart person, she should choose to get a divorce instead of holding on to the position of Young Madam Fu and not letting go ……”

“Shut up!”

Fu Nanchuan returned from buying marshmallows when he heard such words from Catherine.

His eyes glittered with sparks of fire, and he said in one word: “Get out of my sight!”

Catherine never expected him to turn back so quickly, she shrank back in fear and spoke with difficulty, “I was just joking with Miss Ye, what’s your hurry …… I didn’t mean any harm ……”

“Get lost!”

Fu Nanchuan’s voice was tinged with a hostile aura.

When Catherine looked at him, it was like seeing the Fu Nanchuan she had seen when she first met him.

Back then, this man had suddenly appeared in front of her, all wounded, and when she had gone over to ask, he had yelled the same thing about getting lost.

In each of the few times they had met, she had been hurt by the hostile aura he carried.

But it was like she had a self-abuse disorder, the more he yelled at her, the more she fell in love ……

“Okay, I’ll go ……” Catherine’s tears rolled down her face, “Don’t be angry, I won’t do it again ……”

She said as she wiped her tears, and after giving the man a deep look, she then turned around decisively and left.

Fu Nanchuan gloomily lowered his eyes and squeezed his brow hard.

Ye Yunla looked at the four children frolicking in the distance and said slowly, “The lipstick mark on your collar is Catherine’s, right?”

Fu Nanchuan’s hand stiffened, and he subconsciously said, “No.”

“There’s no need to lie to me, everything is very obvious.” Ye Yunla laughed lightly, “Today’s run-in at the playground wasn’t a chance encounter either, it was a long-planned rendezvous by her, I think, in the hope that I would divorce you.”

“Don’t get carried away with your imagination.” Fu Nanchuan wrinkled his eyebrows, “I don’t know her well at all.”

“Regardless of whether you are familiar or not, I just want to ask, how far have you developed?”

Ye Yunla’s face remained the same smile.

If they hadn’t reached the final step between them, she could still barely convince herself to make one more effort for the sake of this marriage.