HC Chapter 614

A familiar figure suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.

“Mr. Fu, this is too much of a coincidence.” Catherine walked over with a full smile on her face, “I didn’t expect to run into you guys at the playground.”

She bent down and greeted the children, “Hello, I’m Auntie Catherine, which one of you still remembers me?”

“I remember!” Fu Zi Ling was the first to say, “Last time Daddy was in hospital, you went to the hospital to see him.”

“That’s the right answer.” Catherine stroked Fu Ziling’s hair, then looked up at Ye Yunla and extended her hand, “Miss Ye, it’s nice to see you again.”

Ye Yunla looked at her indifferently.

She remembered the events of that night very clearly.

If it wasn’t for Catherine’s shenanigans, Fu Beijue would have definitely caught Fu Chuan.

Speaking of Fu Chuan, she had almost forgotten, had the man already been caught, or had he run away without a trace?

As she was pondering, she heard the man beside her say with a face full of impatience, “Why are you here?”

“I heard that this is the biggest amusement park in Sea City, so I had the day off and came over to have some fun.” Catherine laughed, “I’m so bored going around the playground by myself, can I join you?”

She said, her eyes falling on the man’s face, the depths of her eyes shining with emotions that Ye Yunara couldn’t read, “I was wrong last time at the bar, can I treat myself as an amends today?”

Ye Yunla didn’t say anything and looked at the man beside her.

She wondered what this man’s secondary personality was doing to Catherine again.

“You can follow if you like.” Fu Nanchuan said lazily, “Can’t I still kick you out?”

Catherine’s face froze, but she quickly adjusted her mood and said with a smile, “Then I’ll come with you, little Yinyin, let auntie hug you, okay?”

“No!” The little girl twisted her body around and wrapped her arms around Fu Nanchuan’s neck, “I only want daddy to hug.”

Ye Yunla curled her lips in a smirking expression, “Miss Catherine, are all you foreigners so thick-skinned?”

It wasn’t that she didn’t give Catherine face, but this Catherine, who had defended Fu Chuan.

And Fu Chuan, had tried to kidnap Little Yinyin!

“Miss Ye, I have already apologised, what more do you want?” Catherine lifted her chin, “Is it that you want me to tie up Fu Chuan and send him to you?”

At the mention of this name, the air around her suddenly became eerie.

Fu Nanchuan’s eyes had an extra hint of bloodlust underneath, “What’s the point of mentioning this man, he’s already dead.”

“Yeah, he’s already dead.” A strange smile appeared at the corner of Catherine’s mouth, “Does Miss Ye want to see a dead person?”

Ye Yunla looked at Catherine for a few seconds, then glanced sideways at the man beside her.

The fact that Fu Chuan was dead was something they both knew, it was a secret that belonged to these two people.

In this moment, Ye Yunla suddenly had a feeling, as if, her husband and Catherine were on the same side, and she was excluded.

Not long ago, Fu Beijiu had told her to stay away from Catherine.

She did stay away, and instructed Madam Fu to stay away, but why, she felt that Lord Fu and Catherine were closer?

Suddenly, the conversation between the secretaries of the President’s Office of Fu’s Group came to her mind.

They said that Duke Fu had gotten together with a foreign woman, was it Catherine?

The lipstick mark left on Duke Fu’s collar was also Catherine’s?

Ye Yunla’s gaze fell on Catherine’s lips, vermilion in colour, very similar to the lipstick mark from that day.

She slowly spoke and asked, “How did Fu Chuan die, can you tell me?”

Catherine glanced at Fu Nanchuan before she said, “I’m not sure, anyway, it’s just dead, there’s no more person called Fu Chuan in this world.”