HC Chapter 611

Ye Yunla raised her eyebrows faintly.

She saw unreadable emotions floating in the man’s dark eyes.

It seemed that this trick was still useful.

As long as she persisted, she would definitely be able to call out his master frame.

“Beijue, you go ahead and get busy, I’m going back to stay with the children, I hope you’ll be home early tonight.”

Ye Yunla carried the thermos box and stepped out of the office.

As soon as she went out, Fu Nanchuan lit a cigarette.

Amidst the smoke, his eyebrows became even deeper and more hostile.

He paused, his brow furrowed, he had never touched a woman in the close to a month since he had become Lord Fu Bei.

He must have been abstinent for too long, which was why he had somehow been emotionally tugged by this woman, Ye Yunla.

He lifted his hand and was about to ask the a*sistant outside to arrange a woman for him to come over.

This was the new a*sistant he had arranged, one of his close a*sociates.

As for the previous a*sistant Zheng, he had long since arranged for him to go to a regional company ……


Before Fu Nanchuan could call out, the black-clad a*sistant rushed in.

“Something’s wrong!”

Fu Nanchuan crushed his cigarette out and gestured for him to close the office door behind him before he coldly said, “What happened, speak slowly.”

“Didn’t August die more than half a month ago?” The a*sistant in black lowered his voice and said, “After that day the Black Party changed its leader, the first hitman …… under August before. As a result, the first hitman was a*sa*sinated early this morning, and now the head of the Black Party has changed again.”

Fu Nanchuan sneered, “It’s all a bunch of rabble, once August died, the chaos is estimated to last at least a few more years.”

“The new leader officially took over the Black Party at eight o’clock this morning, and his first order after taking office was to ban the Black Party from conducting underground transactions.” The bodyguard said with a sullen face, “All our deals are done in the Triad, if the Black Party puts a ban on it, I’m afraid we won’t be able to continue with our camp.”

“That’s a bit interesting.” Fu Nanchuan lit another cigarette, “They rely on illegal trading to make huge profits, and with a ban on underground trading, what will the Black Party do to feed the army? The newly appointed head of the party is making an enemy of the entire Black Party forces by issuing this ban. Just wait, in less than three days, this new head will be a*sa*sinated by the people underneath.”

“So our business, do we need to pull out first?”

“Withdraw.” Fu Nanchuan said indifferently, “Now I don’t need to continue to sink in the darkness anymore. You tell the brothers to withdraw back and prepare to come to work officially.”

The bodyguard was incredulous: “The brothers are all uneducated, they don’t want to work anywhere.”

“Just come to Fu’s.” Fu Nanchuan exhaled a mouthful of smoke rings, “As a security guard, as my a*sistant, as a small manager of something, it’s not impossible.”

The people in the important positions in Fu’s group are all Fu Beijiu’s cronies, he needs to change all of them into his own people little by little ……

When he is completely seated in this position, he will be able to return to himself completely.

Ye Yunla had just returned to the Fu family home when she saw an international news item being broadcast in the living room.

“…… Since twenty years ago, the Three Regions Zone has been in the midst of a chaotic civil war, with neighbouring countries suffering from it but not daring to make an enemy of it …… It breeds evil, even every kind of evil you can’t imagine is played out here every day …… For months now, several parties have been fighting for power here. …… The most notorious party has had three new leaders in a row ……”

“This morning the new head took office in a low profile but issued a high profile ban on all illegal trade in the region …… This is certainly a good thing for global peace and security, hopefully under the new head, the Three Regions will wash away its once sinful label ……”

The news showed the human landscape of that area and the pomp and circumstance of the new head when he took office.

A man dressed in black stood on a raised platform, his figure flickering.

Ye Yunla’s eyes snapped up.

This figure, why did it look so familiar?