HC Chapter 609

“Young Madam, why don’t you sleep more?”

Housekeeper Qiao had just gotten up when he saw Ye Yunla coming down from upstairs.

“I’m not going to the office today, I got up early to make breakfast for the children.” She smiled and said, “What does Housekeeper Qiao like to eat, I’ll make it together by the way.”

“I’ll just do it myself.” Housekeeper Qiao was flattered, “I’ll go into the kitchen and give young madam a hand.”

Ye Yunla thanked housekeeper Qiao’s kindness and tied on her apron to go into the kitchen.

After she had married into the Fu family, she had basically cooked a meal every day, breakfast or dinner, and the children all enjoyed her cooking.

But it seemed like a long, long time since Fu Beijiu had eaten anything she had cooked ……

She first boiled eggs for the children and laid noodles, and then started making breakfast for Fu Beiji.

She made western cheese and added two pieces of bread, and also fried the eggs into a heart shape in the middle of the bread.

“Housekeeper Qiao, I’m going out.”

Ye Yunla put the breakfast in the thermos and drove away from the villa.

Housekeeper Qiao sighed in relief, previously Mr. was not staying out at night, Young Madam was cold and unconcerned, and the relationship between the two was looking worse and worse every day.

Now the young lady was willing to remedy the situation, that was a very important step forward.

I believe that in a few days’ time, the Fu family will be just like before, full of laughter and joy.

Ye Yunla drove straight to Fu’s Mansion.

At this time, it was the peak of the workday, and as soon as she appeared in the lobby of the Fu Group, she attracted the attention of countless people.

After her marriage, this was the first time she had appeared in public.

“See, this is our Fu’s Group’s boss’s wife!”

“There were still rumours from reporters before that Mr. Fu and Ye Yunla had a marriage breakup, and his wife has found her way to the company, and she’s in a good relationship.”

“It seems to be a loving breakfast for Mr. Fu, I’ll drink this bowl of dog food first.”

“Dog food early in the morning, let’s not let people live!”


Ye Yunla walked calmly towards the president’s special lift amidst the chatter of the crowd.

In less than a minute, the lift arrived at the top floor.

She walked out of the lift with her lunch box and walked straight towards the president’s office, the door was not closed but there was no one inside.

This man was not in the office?

She was frowning when Secretary Tang came over, “Young lady, are you here to see Mr. Fu?”

Ye Yunla nodded: “Where is he?”

“Mr. Fu is in the conference room for a meeting.” Secretary Tang said respectfully, “Or else young madam go sit in the meeting room and wait for a while?”

Ye Yunla raised her wrist to look at the time and said indifferently, “I’ll wait in the president’s office.”

She stepped in and sat directly on the president’s office chair.

Secretary Tang’s lips opened, and without saying anything else, she turned around to pour Ye Yunla’s coffee.

A few other people from the secretary’s department hurried over and lowered their voices to gossip.

“Hey, what do you guys think the president’s wife is doing here at the company all of a sudden?”

“What else can she do? She’s checking up on her!”

“The lipstick mark on Mr. Fu’s collar last time, the young lady should have seen it, otherwise she wouldn’t have come to the company to check on him.”

“I don’t know what Mr. Fu is thinking, he doesn’t want such a good wife, but he’s out messing around with a foreign woman.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Secretary Tang poured the coffee and said indifferently, “All keep your mouths shut and don’t talk nonsense about this in front of Young Madam!”