HC Chapter 608

She and Fu Beijiu had only just gotten married, and their relationship was not yet intimate enough for her to become completely familiar with his intimate ……

Ye Yunla pondered while taking a shower, and when she came out of the bathroom, the man who had been smoking on the balcony was gone.

She pulled open the door to her room and walked out to see Mrs. Fu walking around the living room with a face full of anxiety.

“LaLa, something suddenly came up at BeiJue’s company and he just drove off.” Mrs. Fu hurriedly explained, “I’ll teach him a lesson for you when he’s finished and comes home, it’s getting late, you should go and rest early.”

Ye Yunla smiled and nodded, “Mom, you go to bed early too.”

She went into her room and closed the door behind her, then dialed a phone number.

“Pete, can I ask you for a little psychological advice?”

“Ye, have you been having nightmares again lately?”

Pete was Yeh Yunla’s personal psychiatrist abroad, when, abroad, she thought her two children had died and had nightmares all night long.

Every week, she had to go to Pete’s psychiatric clinic for consultation and treatment to get through those four long years ……

Ye Yunla shook her head: “I’ve recovered, I have a friend …… He usually seems gentle, the kind of person who gets along well, but recently, he suddenly seems like a different person, not only in his words and actions, but even the details of his habits have changed, Pete, can you explain this for me from a psychological perspective?”

There was a moment of silence over there before he said, “There is an old saying in your Chinese country that a mountain is easy to change and nature is hard to shift, which means that it is very difficult to change a person’s personality, much less to change it suddenly in a short period of time, there is only one possibility ……”

“What is the possibility?”

“Dual personality disorder.” Pete said seriously, “There are two personalities hidden in a person’s body, the main personality is the side of him that appears often, and the secondary personality is the side of him that rarely appears. When you feel that he has changed, it should be his secondary personality taking over the consciousness.”

Ye Yunla’s eyes widened in disbelief, “Then why did the dual personality arise?”

“Having experienced severe trauma as a child, the sudden death of a loved one, seeing the death of a loved one ……” Pete paused, “Of course, he doesn’t necessarily have a dual personality, this is just a speculation based on my psychology, I need to see him in person to confirm the diagnosis.”

Yvonne lowered her eyelids.

Pete had said that, so there was a high possibility that it was a dual personality.

Because it was impossible for a man to stop loving his wife and children in just a few days ……

Unless, of course, there was a change of personality.

She took a deep breath and said, “After the personality switch, can the secondary personality still remember what had happened?”

“That’s hard to say, you have to be specific about the problem.” Pete said, “Otherwise you can bring him to my clinic, if you don’t have time to go abroad, I’ll introduce you to a psychiatrist, she recently opened a psychological clinic in Haicheng, she’s much better than me.”

Ye Yunla shook her head, “Thank you Pete, no need for now.”

Her relationship with Fu Beijiu had seriously deteriorated and it was simply not practical for her to take him to a doctor.

She continued after a pause, “Is there any way to change his master frame back again?”

“That would require knowing, first, exactly what he went through in his childhood.” Pete said slowly, “Eighty percent of the time when a person develops a dual personality, they have been psychologically traumatized, such a person will have a sweet tooth and a furry object, let him see the light, experience the warmth and feel the love, and the master personality will naturally come back ……”


That night, Yvonne and Pete talked for a long, long time.

When they hung up the phone, the sky was already flooded with sunshine and the thin morning light slowly enveloped the earth.

Ye Yunla had no intention of sleeping and went straight downstairs to change her clothes.