HC Chapter 601

“Nanchuan, I love you so much, your secret is my secret, and I will rot it in my heart for the rest of my life.”

Catherine looked up, her gaze transfixed on the man towering above her.

She choked, “Fu Beijue has been hypnotized by me to lose his memory, he will never come back for the rest of his life, you divorce Ye Yunla, we get married and have a child, isn’t it quite good ……”

The impatience between Fu Nanchuan’s eyebrows intensified.

Before, he should not have tried to save trouble by directly asking this woman to perform hypnosis for him.

Now that Fu Beijue was dead, hypnosis had no meaning, but instead he was still being pinched by this woman.

“Fu Beiji is going to drive you to death, do you still want to pamper his woman and children?” Catherine stood up holding her desk, “Besides, Ye Yunla and a few children are the people closest to Lord Fu Bei, sooner or later, they will find out that you have changed and then slowly discover that you are not Lord Fu Bei at all! That would be too risky, and the only way to keep you in this position for the rest of your life is to get a divorce.”

“I don’t need you to dictate what I do.”

Fu Nanchuan stared at her coldly, that look as if he wanted to eat her alive.

Catherine loved it most when this man looked at her, whether it was cold, angry, detached, violent …… any look, she loved it.

She suddenly stepped forward, her red lips sweeping unobtrusively past the collar of the man’s white shirt, and said close to the man’s ear, “I’ll always be in Haicheng, and if you figure it out, you’re always welcome to come over to me.”

Next door to the president’s office was the secretary department of the president’s office.

Four or five secretaries stopped what they were doing and gathered together to whisper gossip.

“That foreign woman has just been in the office for half an hour, what do you think her relationship with Mr. Fu is?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never seen such a client of Fu’s ……”

“Mr. Fu hasn’t been home for a week at the office, he just got married and he’s been out of bed every night, the relationship between Mr. Fu and Miss Ye wouldn’t be ……”

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Secretary Tang lightly rebuked, “The news media who made rumors about the marriage between Mr. Fu and Miss Ye last time have been warned, do you want to be fired?”

Just as her words fell, the door to the president’s office opened.

The people in the secretary department hurriedly lowered their heads to deal with the documents, yet quietly raised their eyes and used their afterglow to look at the two people walking out of the office.

At this look, all the people in the office were shocked.

The foreign woman who had walked in neatly was, at this moment, with slightly red eyes, messy hair and red marks on her neck ……

This look makes it hard not to think about it ……

Also, on the collar of Mr. Fu’s white shirt, there was actually a red stain that looked like lipstick ……

Several people from the secretary department were all shocked and did not dare to look any further, and hastily withdrew their gaze.

“I’ll leave you to come and find me when you do, then.”

Catherine waved her hand and stepped into the lift.

Fu Nanchuan snorted coldly, it seemed that he had to think of a way to make this woman disappear from Hai Cheng ……

He raised his wrist and glanced at the time, 5:30 pm.

He had previously promised those few brats to go back tonight, so it seemed that he really had to make a trip back.

He hooked his lips into a smile and also stepped into the lift.

As soon as he got in, the secretary’s office exploded.

“My goodness, did I just see something wrong with my eyes? There was lipstick on Mr. Fu’s collar!”

“That means that Mr. Fu and that woman are doing indescribable things in the office …… Mr. Fu actually …… Cheating within marriage!”

“It’s only been less than a month since they got married, and Mr. Fu is already in the office with another woman …… So the previous netizens’ suspicions were all justified.”

“But how clean a person did Mr. Fu used to be, why did he suddenly change after he married his wife?”