HC Chapter 600

The lazy voice finally became a little more serious.

“Fu’s group is already pretty much under my control, even if my identity is discovered by him, there isn’t any threat to me.”

“Nanchuan!” Mrs. Fu raised her voice somewhat angrily, “Do you know how many people in the outside world are staring at the Fu Group, do you know how many people’s eyes the Fu Group has provoked? You acted in an unruly manner, your character is violent and wild, in a short time, in addition to the children, the servants of the Fu family, the employees of the Fu family, the outside media …… Everyone will slowly discover that there is a new president of the Fu Group …… At that point, there will no longer be any room for manoeuvre!”

“I know you don’t care whether the Fu Group is dead or alive, but, this is your father’s heart and soul!” Mrs. Fu cried and pleaded, “Your father died because of you, you can’t spoil half of your father’s life’s work! Nanchuan, there is nothing in this world that you care about, I only beg you, before you do anything, think about your poor father ……”

“Alright, I know!”

Fu Nanchuan impatiently hung up the phone.

He leaned against the president’s office chair, one pair of legs folded over the desk, his brow furrowed tightly ……


The sound of high heels suddenly came from outside the door.

Thinking it was Secretary Tang, he didn’t even open his eyes and coldly ordered, “Pour me a cup of coffee over.”

“You really are getting more and more like the president.”

The woman’s voice, abruptly, sounded in his ears.

Fu Nanchuan’s eyes snapped open, then he abruptly got up, walked over and kicked the office door shut.

He narrowed his eyes and stared at the woman in front of him, “What are you doing here?”

“Came to see you.”

Catherine tossed her handbag on the sofa and hooked a pair of soft, boneless hands around the man’s neck.

“Nanchuan, after you become the president of Fu’s group, you will always stay in Haicheng, right?”

Fu Nanchuan shook her hands away and said in a cold voice: “Does this have anything to do with you?”

“Nanchuan, before you lived in the dark, I could only see you once a year, do you know how much pain I was in?” Catherine’s tears fell one by one, “Now, you can finally walk in the sunlight in a bright light, I’m really too happy …… Nanchuan, I don’t ask for anything else, I just want to see you every day, that …… That’s enough, really ……”

Fu Nanchuan only felt bored.

He pinched his brow and said indifferently, “Now that you’ve finished seeing each other, you can go.”

Catherine bit her own lip and forced back her tears.

She loved this man’s cold gloom and, in equal measure, hated him for being so indifferent.

No matter which side of her she showed, he didn’t seem to, well, bother to give her a second glance.

“Nanchuan, you’re not Fu Beijiu, you don’t need to take on everything he does ……” Catherine pulled on his tie and said slowly, “Divorce Ye Yunla and marry me, okay ……”

Fu Nanchuan fiercely strangled her delicate throat.

“Catherine, I’ll say it again, I’m Fu Beijiu, don’t call me by my old name again.” His voice was grim, as if he was an evil shura from hell, “You know my secret, then you should rot in your stomach, otherwise, I will make you disappear from this world without knowing it, just like the original Fu Beijiu!”

When he finished, he waved his hand and threw it hard.

Catherine just fell to the ground.

She covered her neck and gasped for breath after the robbery.