HC Chapter 595

After Ye Xueying delivered the two young masters four years ago, although Mr. hated the two children who suddenly intruded into his life, basically every few days, Mr. would approach him to ask about the health of the two young masters ……

This time, on the other hand, Mr. had not spent the night at home for close to a month.

And it also seems that the four young ladies have not met up with Mr for a month ……

If Mr. is on a business trip, it is understandable, but now Mr. is in Hai Cheng ah, Fu’s Mansion is only half an hour’s drive away from Fu’s house.

What was he so busy with that he would leave his four children and his new wife behind and ignore them?

Butler Qiao had mixed feelings and sighed once again.

The car soon pulled up in front of the Fu’s building.

A tall building towering into the clouds, its blue exterior gla*s reflecting the blue sky and white clouds, this was a landmark building in Hai Cheng.

The large square at the entrance was filled with many white-collar workers in a hurry, even on a big weekend, these people were still running around for their lives.

“Grandpa Qiao, we’ll go in first, please wait for us here.” Fu Ziyan said politely.

Butler Qiao nodded, “Good, don’t be in a hurry guys.”

The several young masters had often come to Fu’s group before and nothing had happened, so Butler Qiao was at ease to let them go up alone.

As soon as the group of four appeared in the square, they attracted the attention of many people.

A month ago the president of the Fu Group got married and these four children appeared on the news many times, so everyone knew that this was the prince and young princess of the Fu family.

The one in the forefront was practically carved out of the same mould as Fu Beijiu, not only in terms of facial features, but even in terms of demeanour.

Many people wanted to go up and get close, but in the end, they were afraid of Fu Ziyan’s cold and sullen face, so they hesitated and hesitated, but the four children had already entered the Fu’s building.

Fu Ziyan manages one of the subsidiaries of the Fu Group and comes to report on his work one day a month, so the receptionist has long recognised him.

Seeing him enter, the receptionist respectfully walked over to greet him, “Young Fu, may I ask who you are?”

Fu Ziyan said with a sullen face, “Looking for my daddy.”

Their identities had been made public long ago, and he had nothing to hide.

The receptionist lady smiled and said, “Okay, this way please.”

The four little clusters followed the receptionist lady towards the lift reserved for the president.

“Pretty auntie, does my daddy come to the office every day?” Fu Ziling asked as he walked, he was so cute looking and had such a nice voice that when he spoke, the receptionist’s heart melted.

She didn’t dare to initiate a conversation, but when Young Master Fu spoke to her, how dare she not respond ……

This is simply a great honour ……

She was flattered and said, “Mr. Fu is at the company every day and has been working overtime for many days in a row.”

Fu Ziling blinked her big eyes: “Apart from work, doesn’t daddy do anything else?”

The receptionist lady replied carefully, “There is a recreation room on the top floor of the building, yesterday Young Master Sun and Young Master Wang came over and played pool with Mr. Fu in the recreation room all afternoon.”

Fu Ziling’s eyes sank.

“Did I, say something wrong?” The tip of the receptionist’s heart suddenly trembled.

“No!” Fu Ziling shook his head, “Thank you pretty aunt for telling me this, next time I’ll bring a bouquet of flowers over for pretty sister.”

The receptionist lady was teased by his words and her face turned red, she said slightly shyly, “Thank you young master, the lift goes straight to the top floor, please be safe, goodbye.”

The lift doors slowly closed, and the four children in the lift all had cold and sullen faces.

In less than a minute, the lift stopped at the top floor.

The four children stepped out of the lift and stood in the corridor ……