HC Chapter 589

“This is a gift for you and Little Yinyin.”

Fu Nanchuan casually handed over the two paper bags in his hand.

Ye Yunla took them blandly.

Inside the paper bags were two gifts, a bottle of perfume, and a Barbie doll.

These two items-

She laughed out again, “You had your a*sistant help you buy this, right?”

This perfume and Barbie doll, she and Little Yinyin both had, if this man had gone to buy the gifts himself, he would not have bought duplicates and brought them back from thousands of miles away.

Fu Nanchuan’s eyes flashed and he said lightly, “Too busy to go to the gift shop, why, don’t you like it?”

Ye Yunla smiled blandly and threw the two gifts casually on the sofa.

She raised her clear, cold eyes, that gaze, slightly scrutinizing, and said word for word, “Fu Beijue, let’s have a good chat.”

“What do you want to talk about?”

The man suddenly raised his hand and picked up the strands of hair that fell on her chest.

For some reason, the moment she saw this action, the image of him hooking the dancer’s chin came to Ye Yunla’s mind.

She only felt a pang of revulsion.

She raised her hand to wave the man’s hand away and said coldly, “Just talk about what happened last night.”

The corners of the man’s mouth pulled a pleasant curve: “What, jealous?”

With that, he caught the woman’s chin off guard and pinched it.

He slightly lowered his head, a face that was only less than a centimetre from Ye Yunla.

He laughed lightly, “I just got married, I haven’t even had the chance to enjoy the joy of a new marriage with my wife, so how could I fool around outside? Don’t worry, it’s just a show, it can’t be taken seriously.”

The tone of his words, and this frivolous action, made Ye Yunla’s heart full of revulsion simply could not be suppressed ……

She took a step back quickly.

But the man wrapped his arm around the back waist.

“Don’t you want it after not seeing it for half a month?”

The man yanked her hard and suddenly ripped open her collar.

A conspicuous tattoo was revealed to him ……

Not the same letters as at first, but a word, North, north.

His gaze sank suddenly, “When did you get another tattoo?”

“It’s the half month you’ve been away.” Ye Yunla brought her collar up, her voice indifferent to the point of indifference, “Didn’t you make me get the tattoo?”

The bottom of Fu Nanchuan’s eyes suddenly surfaced with hostility.

He pressed down on Ye Yunla’s shoulder and suddenly bit down on her collarbone, kissing and nibbling desperately at the location of her collarbone tattoo.

The other hand was still tugging at the clothes on her body ……

Ye Yunla couldn’t believe it.

She grabbed the short hair at the back of the man’s head with all her might, then slapped him hard across the face.