HC Chapter 583

“A big order of five hundred million dollars, it would rank in the top ten on the dark web!”

“This man is very mysterious, I can’t find any traces about him online, I can only speculate for the time being that he is an Asian soldier.”

“However, he has offered to pay 500 million after he helps him with this order first.”

“In our line of work, it’s all about paying first, then doing the job, he’s clearly in breach, so I think it’s better not to take it.”

“Although five hundred million is tempting, what if we get cheated?”

Looking at the long string of consecutive messages sent by K, Ye Jingzhan pursed his lips and pondered for a fraction of a second.

His fingers quickly skimmed over the keyboard, “What is the content of his mission.”

K: “I’ll ask.”

A minute later –

“sh*t! Ye family boss, this mission is better not to take it! This Asian soldier is taking himself too seriously, he actually wants to take August’s head! He wants us to a*sist him in hacking the surveillance of August’s estate and creating cyber chaos for the August family …… He wants to a*sa*sinate August single-handedly, do you think he’s crazy?”

There is no one who is involved in the black network who does not know about August.

He was the head of a black organization in a trivial area outside the country, and after seven or eight years of development, this black organization had several thousand followers and had carved out an area to claim the throne.

Any businessman or politician pa*sing through that area had to pay a toll.

If they couldn’t get the money, they had to leave their lives behind, and countless people spilled their blood on the black land.

Because of the evil that this organisation is doing, no ordinary people dare to go to that area anymore.

The international organisations don’t want to get involved in this mess, so they turn a blind eye to it, causing the organisation to become more and more vicious.

This was the first time I had heard that someone wanted to a*sa*sinate August.

Ye Jingzhan: “You tell him that we’ve taken this mission.”

K: “No …… Do you not know who August is?”

Ye Jingzhan: “I know, so even if this man doesn’t pay the commission, I will still help him because I am also Asian Yellow.”

K: “Is this what you call the old-timers’ plot in China? Convince me, since you want to take it, I’ll just have to give up my life for you!”

Three minutes later –

K: “The deal is done, in three hours, he will arrive at August Manor.”

Ye Jingzhan nodded his head.

Three hours later, it was exactly twelve o’clock in the country.

After everyone had sunk into sleep, he was able to make his move and start the mission.


And at that moment, it was broad daylight in Europe.

A man with handsome features and gloomy eyes threw the coffee cup in his hand on the ground fiercely.

“Didn’t I tell you guys to keep an eye on him, why did you let him get away?”

The black-clad bodyguard kneeling on the ground shivered: “He’s been in the Three Regardless Zone, our men can’t get in at all …… I thought he would be trapped there for the rest of his life, but who would have thought that he would kill the captain and take away two submachine guns …… He was so good at it that our men lost him halfway through the trail ……”

Cold air coiled under the man’s eyes.

Earlier, he only thought of ruining Fu Beijue’s appearance to prevent him from making a comeback and rising again.

I didn’t expect a wounded man to have such a great ability to escape from that group of vicious combatants.

If Fu Beijue killed his way back to Hai Cheng, then everything he had carefully planned would all be ruined.

“Guard every way out of the border, as soon as you find any trace of him, capture him alive!”