HC Chapter 582

Ye Yunla beckoned, and the four children who were sweating profusely from playing quickly gathered around, then said goodbye to the Xie family in a good manner.

Just as the car pulled up at the entrance to the Fu family villa, Ye Yunla saw Mrs. Fu sitting lost in thought in the flower room, her eyes dull and lifeless.

She told housekeeper Qiao to take the four children to the bath first, then stepped towards the flower hall.

“Mum.” She shouted, but Mrs. Fu didn’t respond in the slightest, so she had to raise her voice and shout again.

“Ah, it’s LaLa who’s back.” Mrs. Fu came back to her senses, a smile appearing on her face, “Are the children still fitting in at the Xie household?”

“They’re having quite a good time.” Ye Yunla paused for a moment and said in a slow voice, “Mom, do you have Beijue’s new contact information?”

Mrs. Fu’s expression suddenly froze.

She seemed to be completely unprepared for Ye Yunla to ask this question and paused for a while before saying, “Bei Jue’s business trip is in the suburbs of Europe, there are no signal towers there, so her phone can’t receive calls or text messages at all.”

“It’s okay, I’m not trying to contact him now either, I’ll just save his number.” Ye Yunla smiled and said, “Lest he calls me when he comes back and I don’t even know who’s calling.”

Mrs. Fu suddenly sighed, “Yara, it is my son who has wronged you ……”

Ye Yunla slowly withdrew her smile, “Mom, why do you say that?”

“I couldn’t accompany you on the wedding day to toast the guests, and I went away on a business trip on the first day of the wedding, isn’t that why I’m sorry?” Mrs. Fu’s eyes dodged, “When he returns from this business trip, I will definitely urge him to keep you company for a while, preferably go out for a honeymoon together and add a few more children to our Fu family ……”

As soon as she mentioned having children, Ye Yunla got a little chatty.

The night she gave birth four years ago was so fierce and dangerous that it cast a huge shadow on her, and she really never wanted to get pregnant and have children again.

“Mum, you get busy first, I’ll go in and see the children.”

Ye Yunla interrupted Mrs. Fu and turned to walk out of the flower room.

She had just walked into the living room when she paused in her steps, she had originally gone to find Madam Fu to ask for Fu Beijiu’s contact information, why had the topic suddenly changed?

Or was it that Mrs. Fu didn’t have Fu Beiji’s phone number either?

Ye Yunla sat on the sofa and pursed her lips hard ……

She didn’t know if she was too preoccupied, she always felt that after the marriage, Fu Beijue had become a completely different person and Mrs. Fu seemed to have changed too ……

What exactly is wrong ……

She pressed her temples and was filled with all kinds of thoughts.

Ye Jingzhan had just come out of the shower, and he was standing at the stairway on the first floor, where he could just see Ye Yunla’s tightly frowning brow.

In a daze, he remembered that when he pa*sed by his mommy’s study yesterday, it seemed that he also saw her frowning with a sullen …… face

From what he knew about his mommy, she must have something on her mind!

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the website.

At that moment his smartwatch vibrated, he tapped it on and saw that it was a short message from K.

“Ye family elder, get on line, 500 million dollars huge order, take it or leave it?”

When Ye Jingzhan looked downstairs again, he saw Ye Yunla going into the kitchen to boil hot water, he turned around, went back to his room and opened the laptop he had hidden under his bed.

During this period of time, he had spent two hours every night setting up his hacking studio, which had now taken shape.

Only the studio was new and untrusted and hadn’t taken on any big orders.

In the few seconds he had his laptop open, K had sent him several more frantic messages over.