HC Chapter 576

“Busy indeed.” Fu Nanchuan pulled the corners of his lips, “No, he has to take a plane to Europe for business this afternoon and won’t be back for at least half a month.”

Ye Yunla froze for a moment.

A business trip on the first day of marriage?

Not that it wouldn’t work, but, with this man’s feelings for her, he shouldn’t be able to do such a thing ……

“What gift do you want from Europe over there, I’ll bring it back for you.” Fu Nanchuan touched his thin lips, he had a big addiction to smoking and now he wanted to smoke again.

Ye Yunla pursed her lips, “You’ll be away on business for half a month, Little Yinyin will be very sad when she finds out.”

Little Yinyin?

The figure of a little girl came to Fu Nanchuan’s mind.

He had only seen that little girl once from afar, and after becoming Fu Beijue, he had yet to formally meet the little girl.

He hooked his lips and said, “I will bring her back a gift, she won’t be sad.”

He suddenly got up, “Alright, I’m ready to go to the airport, you take care on your way back.”

He stepped away and walked out of the meeting room, his gaze cold as he instructed his a*sistant and secretary what they should prepare ……

Ye Yunla stood in the corridor of her office, a darkness under her eyes.

Is it that you got it and so you don’t care anymore?

Or was it that he had never cared about her?

Perhaps he had married her just for the sake of four children?

Ye Yunla squeezed her fingers tighter, the sneer at the corner of her mouth growing larger and larger.

Before she was eighteen, she had genuinely been true to the Ye family, and then she had been wounded completely.

Now that she was twenty-three, she actually believed in Fu Beijue’s sweet words too, she was truly too stupid.

She should have realized a long time ago that Fu Beijue was only a momentary novelty to her, how could she …… How could she let herself sink into it?

Ye Yunla’s gaze was dull as she took the lift downstairs and sat in the car alone for a long time in silence.

She shouldn’t have thought too pessimistically about things ……

Yesterday, Fu’s ancestral hall wedding, Fu’s group so many things to deal with, Fu Beijue can not care about her is normal.

When he returns from his business trip, their lives should be on track.

Ye Yunla drove back to the Fu family.

Everything was as normal at home.

The four children were already awake, Fu Ziyan and Ye Jingzhan were reading books, little Lingling and little Yinyin were sitting on the floor playing with a*sembly toys.

“Mummy, you’re back!”

Fu Zi Ling was the first to rush over, climbing onto Ye Yunla’s body and giving her a firm kiss on the cheek.

The next second, he glanced sheepishly behind Ye Yunara and patted his little chest in fear, “Luckily Daddy didn’t come back with Mommy, otherwise Daddy would have beaten me up again.”

Every time he kissed mummy, daddy had that look in his eyes, he wanted to eat him up.

Little Yinyin also looked behind Ye Yunara: “Mommy, why didn’t Daddy come home?”

Ye Yunla hadn’t spoken yet.

Fu ZiYin spoke blandly, “Daddy went to Europe on a business trip, there was a big project that went wrong and Daddy had to go there to deal with it.”

Ye Yunla’s eyes floated: “Little Yan Yan, did your daddy call to tell you?”

Fu Ziyan shook his head, “I was just dealing with work and the a*sistant told me that Daddy had just registered half an hour ago and would not arrive at his destination until tonight. But-”

He frowned, “Fu’s factory in Europe is built in the suburbs, the signal there has been bad, we may not be able to contact Daddy for a long time.”

Little Yinyin’s eyes filled with teardrops, “But I miss daddy, I want to call him ……”