HC Chapter 573

The night was as dark as ink.

Sporadic moonlight fell on the balcony, the man’s figure was erect and slender.

Ye Yunla lifted the covers and gently got out of bed, holding a dagger hidden in a drawer.

Step by step she approached the man on the balcony ……

And then!

She jerked open the balcony door, stepped forward quickly, restrained the man’s arm with one hand, and the dagger was across the man’s neck the next moment.

The man was forced to turn his face, and the moonlight fell on this face, his features appeared clear and blurred ……

“Beijue, you, why are you standing on the balcony?”

Ye Yunla hurriedly released him and the dagger was casually thrown by her on the coffee table of the balcony.

She sized up the man in front of her by the faint moonlight.

His features looked grim and cold in the moonlight, his eyebrows were also cold, and the cold aura radiated from his body.

It was as it had been when they first met.

No, the coldness in the man’s body was even greater than when they first met.

Ye Yunla looked at him and said, “What happened at the ancestral hall fire today, have you found any clues?”

The man just looked down at her, he suddenly stepped forward and cupped her face, “What did you just call me?”

“Called you Beijue ……”

Ye Yunla was suddenly embarrassed just as the words left her mouth.

A few days before the wedding, they were tired of being together every day, and this man was dead set on calling her his wife and insisting that she call him her husband.

She said that after the wedding, she would change her name immediately.

She thought she could muddle through, but she didn’t expect this man to remember ……

She coughed and said, “Calling you husband, call me husband is always okay.”

Her ears and the side of her face floated red in the moonlight, with the delicacy and shyness of a young girl.

The man’s gaze darkened, and his hand rested on the woman’s shoulder, kneading it lightly or heavily.

His voice was low as he spoke, “Today, is our wedding night.”

As soon as she heard these words, Ye Yunla knew what he wanted to do.

She was about to open her mouth when she suddenly froze.

Why did Fu Beijiu’s voice just now sound strange ……

She frowned and said, “Did your throat get burned by the fire?”

“The smoke was too thick and dusty, and my throat did get a little uncomfortable.” The man’s hand went down from her shoulder and wrapped directly around her waist.

And then –

A hard slap on her hip with force.

“A spring night is worth a thousand words, come on, get into bed.”

The man wrapped his arm around her and went into the grip.

An extremely uncomfortable feeling suddenly rose up in Ye Yunla’s heart.

She and Fu Beijue had been together for some time, but this man would never treat her so roughly ……

The action of slapping her buttocks with force always made her feel a little humiliated.

Where on earth did a highly educated man like Fu Beijiu learn to do this kind of action?

She pushed the discomfort in her heart down.

But the man came closer and closer, pressing her directly to the bed, his lips, lingering on her neck ……