HC Chapter 570

After getting up at 4am and tossing and turning until now, she was so tired that her bones were aching all over her body.

Fu Beijiu kissed her brow painfully, “When the toast is over, I’ll take you home to rest properly.”

“No matter how tired you are, it’s only this one day.” Ye Yunla snuggled into her arms and said softly, “You haven’t been out of hospital for long yet, when the toast is made later, you drink a little less.”

“I will do as my wife says.” Fu Beijiu kissed her again on the cheek before turning around and going to the next lounge to change his clothes.

Ye Yunla’s dresses were all very complicated, and it took two stylists working together to help her put on her toast dress smoothly, and move quickly to reapply her make-up.

The toast dress was a big red one, embroidered with peonies and mandarin ducks in gold thread, very festive from head to toe.

She looked in the mirror and fixed her make-up before walking out of the dressing room and knocking on the door next door.

The make-up artist next door respectfully said, “Mr. Fu changed his clothes half an hour ago, he should be greeting the guests in the lobby now.”

Ye Yunla nodded her thanks and walked towards the lobby, carrying her skirt.

She stood at the entrance and looked around the entire banquet venue, none of which saw the attention-grabbing man.

This man, wherever he went, was a light, and a shining light that was impossible to look at.

By rights, she should have seen him at a glance ……

“Mummy, you’re so beautiful!”

“Wow, Mummy, what’s that thing you’re wearing on your head, why does it look so good?”

Several children appeared out of nowhere and surrounded her.

Ye Yunla smiled and said, “This is a gold hairpin, an ancient piece of jewellery, it matches my toasting outfit, if little Yinyin likes it, Mummy will give it to you after the wedding.”

The little girl pursed her little lips and smiled happily, “Thank you, Mummy.”

“By the way, where is your daddy?” Ye Yunla asked with a smile, now that the guests were all seated, according to the process, the bride and groom should enter to make a toast ……

Fu Ziyan blinked and said, “I just saw daddy heading outside the hotel, I don’t know what he went to do.”

Ye Jingzhan nodded, “Daddy looks like he’s in a hurry.”

Ye Yunla’s brow furrowed.

For some reason, her heart suddenly felt a little uncomfortable and her right eyelid began to flutter one after the other.

“Yara, you’ve finally changed your clothes.” Mrs. Fu suddenly walked over with a smile, “Beijue is out on some business, I’ll accompany you to toast with everyone today.”

Ye Yunla pursed her lips, “What did he go out to work on?”

On the wedding day, what could be more important than the wedding?

“There was a fire at Fu’s ancestral hall.” Mrs. Fu lowered her voice and said, “It’s not a big deal, but traditionally only the bloodline of the Fu family’s first cousins can enter the ancestral hall, so this matter can only be a trip by Beijue himself, we can’t let a few children go there, right?”

This was, indeed, somewhat true.

However, the cloud of uncertainty in Ye Yunla’s heart was growing thicker and thicker.

She took out her mobile phone and said, “Mom, I’ll call Bei Jue first.”

Mrs. Fu’s eyes flashed and she smiled, “Good, hurry up, the guests are waiting.”

Ye Yunla walked to the side and dialed Fu Beijue’s number.

The phone only rang twice before it was picked up, and the man’s familiar voice came from the other end of the line.