HC Chapter 566

The guests around the table were somewhat dissatisfied; usually on a big wedding day, the groom would be given a hard time.

These questions were too trivial.

Only the other party was after all Fu Beijue, the helmsman of the Fu Group, and many people present leapt to their feet but did not dare to really jump out and embarra*s the groom.

“One last question, when was the first time you and LaLa kissed?”

With those words, the people around the room were finally interested.

Close to a hundred pairs of eyes stared at Fu Beijiu in unison, as if they wanted to see a flower on his face.

The man’s eyebrows wrinkled as countless scenes went through his mind, the number of times he and LaLa had kissed, it was quite a lot ……

“Hey, you can’t even remember something like that, can you?” Sun Yan bumped his arm, “It’s normal for me not to remember, after all, I have many women, you have this one f*cking woman, and you dare to forget such an important thing?”

Fu Beijiu gave him a white look and said coldly, “Who said I had forgotten.”

He was just remembering whether he and LaLa had kissed that night five years ago.

He pursed his lips and spoke in a light voice, “Five years ago.”

Xie Zhirui glanced at the answers and gave way to the stairway, “All correct answers, you may go upstairs.”

The surrounding guests were instantly discontented.

This was the easiest wedding welcome they had ever seen, give some red envelopes, answer a few questions, and then they could take the bride away?

As the crowd was talking, the sounds of a few children suddenly came from upstairs.

The whole town knew that Ye Yunla had two children, but those who came over today were four pink and jade-like dolls.

The four children and Fu Beijiu were practically carved out of the same mould, and the crowd knew with just one look that these children must be the bloodline of the Fu family.

It turned out that between Ye Yunla and Great President Fu, there were four children.

What a happy family ……

For a while, the crowd was full of envy for Ye Yunla ……

“Daddy, you can’t go in yet, you have to get past us.” Fu Ziling blocked the doorway to the room and held his hands out.

He was small and had dragged a chair over in order to give himself a bit of a boost.

Unfortunately, when he stood on the chair, he was only as tall as Fu Beijiu’s chest.

He stood up on his tiptoes in defiance and said with a soft hum, “First, daddy just answer me one question.”

Xie Zhi Rui coughed and said, “Little Ling Ling, you can’t follow the example of your first cousin and do it in a different way.”

“Slightly, slightly, slightly, I won’t change it!” Little Ling Ling made a face and said in a serious manner, “If I get into trouble and Daddy wants to lock me up and Mommy says no, does Daddy have to punish me or listen to Mommy?”

Fu Beijiu: “……”

This kid was really chicken, actually asking such a question at such a time.

He said coldly, “If your mommy stands in the way, then you will be let off the hook, but if your mommy thinks I’m right to punish you, then double the punishment.”

The hair on Fu Zi Ling’s back suddenly stood up.

Mummy loved him so much, she shouldn’t stand by and watch daddy punish him, right ……

He jumped down from the chair and said proudly, “Okay, count you in, but there are three more levels behind you oh, good luck daddy.”

Fu Ziyan walked over with a face that was eight or nine percent similar to Fu Beiji’s and said indifferently, “I want to see if daddy is capable of protecting mommy, just ask daddy to do a hundred push-ups plus a hundred sit-ups.”

As soon as his words fell, cheers immediately came from the surrounding area.

It’s all about the groomsmen and how miserable they are.

This is the normal routine, right?

“Fu Ziyan, aren’t you the most obedient little thing usually?” Sun Yan rolled up his sleeves, “Forget it, I’ll do push-ups instead of your daddy.”

Wang Changqing immediately lay down on the ground, “I’ll do sit-ups instead.”

Fu Beijue hooked his lips, “No one said that the best man can’t be replaced, does this hurdle count as pa*sing.”