HC Chapter 563

Old Madam Xie frowned: “Did the Zhuang family receive an invitation to this wedding?”

Zhuang Shen was a little embarra*sed: “No.”

Because he did not have an invitation to the wedding, he had come a day early to deliver the gift.

He had run empty after running to the Fu family, and only then did he turn to the Xie family ……

“This is my wedding congratulation gift for Miss Ye.” Zhuang Shen took out a small box from his clothes pocket, then uncovered the lid, “This emerald green jade necklace, it suits Miss Ye, I hope Miss Ye can accept it.”

Ye Yunla’s gaze fell on the necklace.

It was something Zhuang Shen had prepared to give her that day at the bridal shop, and it was also an accessory her mother had once worn.

“Huh, why does this necklace look a little familiar?” Old Lady Xie frowned, then lost her smile, “When one is old, one sees too many things, so one feels that everything looks familiar, so please don’t take offense, Mr. Zhuang.”

Zhuang Shen said with a gentleman’s smile, “The jade products all look similar, so it is normal for the old lady to feel familiar.”

After he finished speaking, his gaze once again fell on Ye Yunla’s body, and in those dark eyes, there was a vague expectation.

Ye Yunla walked over and pursed her lips, “Thank you, Mr. Zhuang, for the gift.”

Zhuang Shen was delighted and hurriedly handed it to her, as if he was afraid that she would regret it, he got up and said, “I have things to do, so I won’t stay much longer, see you later.”

After saying that, he pushed back his chair and walked out.

Ye Yunla: “……”

She hadn’t even had time to hand him the wedding invitation, how could he leave so quickly?

Old Lady Xie’s head came over, “This necklace looks a bit old, but it doesn’t seem to be anything valuable, why did someone from the Zhuang family come over to give you this on purpose?”

“Why else? It’s because I’m still in love with them.” Xie Siqi swayed her waist and walked in, humming lightly, “I really wonder how come both young and old men like you, Ye Yunla? If those men knew what kind of personality you have, they would definitely go as far away as possible!”

Ye Yunla snapped the box shut and said with a smile on her face, “It seems that cousin knows that I have a bad temper.”

Xie Siqi sneered, “Receiving gifts from other old men the day before your wedding, do you think if Fu Beijue knew about it, would he still be willing to marry you?”

“Shut up!” Old Lady Xie swept a cold eye across, “You can’t spit out elephant teeth from a dog’s mouth, get the hell back to your Zhou family!”

“Grandma, cousin may not be able to go back to the Zhou family.” Ye Yunla put the necklace into her pocket and smiled with hooked lips, “I heard that cousin’s husband has taken his mistress into the house, and the Zhou family is especially defending that mistress.”

“What?” Old Madam Xie was incredulous, “Siqi, tell me, what is going on?”

Xie Siqi’s camouflage, which had been strongly held up, instantly crumbled under Old Lady Xie’s questioning.

She covered her face and suddenly burst into tears, “How do I know what’s going on, he suddenly brought someone home, what can I do ……”

Even if Xie Siqi didn’t know any better, she was still Old Lady Xie’s own granddaughter, her old man sat on the sofa and said angrily, “Does the Zhou family think that there is no one left in our Xie family, very good, very good!”

Ye Yunla pursed her lips, she shouldn’t have brought up the Zhou family just to attack Xie Siqi.

P*ssing Grandma off would end up being more than worth the loss.

She walked over, held Old Lady Xie’s arm and said softly, “Grandma, this matter will be resolved by Great Uncle and Great Aunt, so don’t worry about it, let me help you upstairs to rest.”

Old Lady Xie’s sullen face did not say anything, allowing Ye Yunla to help her upstairs.

Xie Siqi covered her face and burst into tears.

She had not even been married for three or four years, but the man surnamed Zhou had been spending his time outside, she really loved this man too much, so she had always put up with it.

But later, the other party became more and more excessive, she also thought about divorce, but just divorce to give way, she was not willing!

The night is deep.