HC Chapter 552

The employee at the bottom froze for a moment, then continued, “But President Ye, the first report on the results of this project has to be done in three days.”

“We have already completed eighty percent of the workload, let Zhuang do the remaining twenty percent.” Ye Yunla tossed the contract away and said indifferently, “Tan Jing, you dock with the technical department over at Zhuang’s group, dismiss the meeting. On the day of the results report, I’ll go there personally.”

She coldly curled her lips.

Since Zhou and Zhuang Yuan of Yelitos had joined hands to trap her, she would have to make Yelitos suffer a big loss as well.

A company as big as Yelitos could afford to take a few losses.

Ye Yunla went back to her office to continue arranging the follow-up work. Before she had been busy for half an hour, Tan Jing came in with the phone, with a puzzled look on her face: “Mr. Ye, Miss Yue from Zhuang’s group has specified that she wants to speak to you. She said that if you refuse the call, she will come to our company in ten minutes ……”

Ye Yunla held out her hand, “Give me the phone.”

She had just put the phone to her ear when Yue Yinghan’s voice came over, “Ye Yunla, you’re going too far.”

Ye Yunla laughed lightly, “Miss Yue, tell me, how have I gone too far?”

“The chip framework you designed, our company’s programmers can’t understand it at all, you must send someone over as a technical advisor!” Yue Yingliang said in a cold voice, “If you refuse, then our Zhuang will also refuse to complete twenty percent of the subsequent work content.”

Ye Yunla almost laughed: “The split between Zhuang’s and Laxing’s interests is 50/50, I’ve done an extra 30% for you, so I’m being generous, but that doesn’t mean you can make demands with impunity. Miss Yue can of course refuse to complete the next work, but all the consequences will be borne by your Zhuang Clan alone.”

After saying that, she directly hung up the phone.

Tan Jing said with some concern, “Mr. Ye, the Zhuang Group says one thing in the mall, will we offend the Zhuang family by doing this?”

“Are we justified in this matter?” Ye Yunla asked rhetorically.

Tan Jing shook her head, “It’s the Zhuang’s who want to sit back and get a piece of the pie, they’re the ones who went too far.”

“That’s fine.” Ye Yunla said in a light voice, “We are in the right, then we are not afraid of them making a mess, don’t worry too much about this, I have everything.”

The worry in Tan Jing’s heart was immediately smoothed over.

She looked at Ye Yunla and admiration and praise emerged in her eyes.

She was still a year older than Mr Ye, but every time she encountered such a difficult matter, it was Mr Ye who stood in front of her.

Some people were born to be so good, not something they, mere mortals, could compare to.

Soon it was time to leave work, and Ye Yunla instinctively wanted to go to the kindergarten to pick up her children from school. Just as she picked up her bag, she remembered that the task of picking up the two little ones from school had already been contracted by Mrs. Fu.

She was just about to leave work when she heard a shriek from the office.

“Oh my God, is that guy downstairs Mr. Fu?”

“Mr. Fu is so handsome in person, much more handsome than those fresh meat that are just popular.”

“I envy Mr. Ye so much, how can you find such a handsome husband?”

“If you’re as pretty as Mr. Ye, you can find one too.”

“Boing boing, I can’t even compare to the hair strands of Mr. Ye ……”

Ye Yunla got up and looked out the window, and saw a black luxury car parked under the company.

And Fu Beijue wearing a silver suit, leaning against the car door, he just stood motionless, can attract the eyes of every pa*serby.

This man, after making his marriage public, really doesn’t care about the impact at all.

Is he making such a big show to be photographed by the media?

She walked out of the office laughing as the staff joked playfully, “Mr. Ye, you’re off work so early for a date?”