HC Chapter 548

Seeing that her eyes were still fixed on the necklace, Fu Beijue was a little discontented, he lowered his head, leaned close to the woman’s ear and said in a husky voice, “I’ll buy you ten of them later.”

Before Ye Yunla could reply, she felt the man’s lips come closer, and then, her earlobe was kissed by wet, hot lips.


Her face turned red with shame.

On an occasion like this, in a place like this, with people watching, he dared to lick her earlobe!

“Don’t accept anything from other men in the future!”

Fu Beijiu bit her earlobe and said in a low voice.

Ye Yunla’s breathing was unsteady with anger.

This b*****d, just deliberately being so intimate with her in front of Zhuang Shen ……

But Zhuang Shen, most likely, was her real father ……

Ye Yunla fiercely pinched on Fu Beijue’s waist ……

However, her action like this, in Zhuang Shen’s eyes, was flirting with Fu Beijue.

Her daughter hadn’t even been recognized back yet, and she had already been arched by a pig ……

Zhuang Shen wanted to cry without tears.

“Cough cough!”

He coughed loudly, but the two people in front of him didn’t even hear him.

“That ……” Zhuang Shen drew up his voice and spoke, “Mr. Fu, I have a project I would like to talk to you about, I wonder if it would be convenient?”

Fu Beijiu said nonchalantly, “Can’t Mr. Zhuang see that I’m about to try on a dress?”

“Then I can wait until Mr. Fu has finished trying on his dress.”

Zhuang Shen sat down in his chair.

Although he didn’t want to see his daughter being “bullied”, he was afraid that if he left, Fu Beijiu’s actions would be even more excessive.

He had to be here to keep an eye on it!

Fu Beiji: “……”

You’re still pestering his Yara at an old age, do you think he’s dead?

He wrapped his arm around Ye Yunla’s slender waist and sat down on the opposite side, his voice as cold as it could be, “What does Mr. Zhuang want to talk to me about, go ahead.”

Zhuang Shen really didn’t have anything work-related to talk to Fu Beijiu about.

He didn’t like to deal with company matters, he had always been a hands-off person, after a subsidiary company of the Zhuang Group was handed over to him, he let his own son take care of it, after so many years, he had been idle and had long since lost track of what the market situation was.

He paused for a long time before speaking, “Mr. Fu has become the president of the Fu Group at a young age, and has also led Fu to a new height, it is really admirable.”

Fu Beijiu hooked his lips, his voice was tinged with mockery: “Mr. Zhuang is the only young master of the Zhuang family, yet he managed to lose his position as the heir, it’s also quite admirable.”

At these words, the atmosphere inexplicably chilled down.

Ye Yunla frowned and said indifferently, “Some people pursue power, others are indifferent to fame and fortune, each has their own choice, there’s nothing to point at.”

Fu Beijue was instantly depressed for a few moments.

His Lara, was she speaking for Zhuang Shen, an old man?

Zhuang Shen felt very relieved.

It seemed that the blood of father and daughter could not deceive people, and the fact that LaLa did not know his identity but could speak for him, did it mean that LaLa also had a good feeling for him?

Zhuang Shen was about to speak when the mobile phone on the table vibrated, it was Ye Yunla’s phone.

She glanced at the caller ID and it was Tan Jing.

She had been in the hospital with Fu Beijue for the past few days and had left all the company matters to Tan Jing, could it be that something had happened?

She frowned and put the phone through.