HC Chapter 543

The temperature in the bedroom rose in vain, and there were tiny female voices coming out.

Mrs. Fu and Butler Qiao at the entrance of the room looked at each other, both of them had ambiguous smiles on their faces.

“Madam, I’ll have someone stew the deer antler soup here, just in time for Mr to wake up tomorrow morning and have a bowl.”

Madame Fu nodded, “And stew a pot of black chicken soup, women drink this best.”

“Why does Mummy need black chicken soup?”

A soft and sticky voice suddenly came out, and when Madam Fu and housekeeper Qiao turned around, they saw little Yinyin blinking her big eyes at the two of them, her face full of innocence.

Behind the little girl, there were also three older brothers.

Puzzled, Fu Ziling asked, “Grandpa Qiao, what is deer antler soup and why does Daddy need deer antler soup?”

Housekeeper Qiao smiled dryly, “Isn’t your daddy injured, deer antler soup ah, it’s a tonic for the body ……”

Ye Jingzhan frowned, “I remember the book said that the main effect of deer antler is aphrodisiac.”

Fu Ziling gave full play to the spirit of what it means to ask questions without shame and pursued, “What does aphrodisiac mean?”

Two drops of cold sweat ran down from Housekeeper Qiao’s head.

The third young master was too smart to know that deer antler was an aphrodisiac.

He knew what aphrodisiac meant, but, how could he explain it to a few fart-sized children?

Looking at the one, two, three, four pairs of eager eyes in front of him, Butler Qiao just wanted to slip away ……

Just then –


“You be gentle!”

The sound of a woman’s petulant rebuke came from the room.

Ye Jingzhan’s brows tightened, “Daddy is bullying mummy!”

“Daddy is so hateful!” Fu Ziling clenched his little fists, “I told you to let me sleep with Mommy tonight, you guys have to disagree!”

The little one rushed over and gripped the door handle.

“Hey…” Mrs. Fu hurriedly picked Fu Ziling up and pressed him into her arms, “Your daddy didn’t bully Mommy, he really didn’t!”

If these children suddenly barged in, Beijue was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to make up for it with ten bowls of deer antler soup ……

“But mommy is crying out in pain ……” Fu Ziling struggled desperately.

Ye Jingzhan had already gripped the door handle and rotated it with force.


The door didn’t open, it was locked back inside.

Mrs. Fu let out a sigh of relief and lowered her voice, “Pain …… is normal, you few little brats just don’t disturb your daddy mummy to do something big, go go go, go back to your room ……”

Butler Qiao and Mrs. Fu pulled and dragged the four little ones to the third floor.

Fu Beijiu: “……”

Ye Yunla: “……”

The two people looked at each other with four eyes, and an eerie atmosphere filled the air.

“It’s all your fault!” Ye Yunla kicked at the man’s body, “I told you to be gentle and you still didn’t listen, now what ……”

Being heard by a few children with that kind of voice of hers, she wanted to find a piece of tofu and crash to death ……

“Now continue.”

Fu Beijue wrapped his arms around her slim waist and kissed her on the neck.

Ye Yunla shuddered and said in shame, “Don’t continue, in case a few children are still outside the room ……”

Instead, the man pushed her straight down onto the big soft bed.

This kind of thing is interrupted halfway through, a man can’t bear it.

Fu Beijiu gently kissed her collarbone, the tattoo looming in the dim light ……