HC Chapter 542

If she hadn’t known that the man had injuries on his body, she would have run away long ago ……

Ye Yunla took a deep breath and propped her eyelids open a small slit, she quickly looked around the bathroom, found the bath towel with precision, pulled it off and threw it on the man, “Put on the bath towel, hurry up!”

Fu Beijiu stifled a laugh.

How could this woman be so cute when she was shy.

He sighed quietly, “You help me, I really don’t have much strength.”

Ye Yunla hated to kick him away.

She took a deep breath, squatted down, closed her eyes and haphazardly helped the man tie the bath towel.

In her panic, her hand touched his chest, which was cold as ice.

Only then did she notice that there was not a trace of heat in the bathroom ……

She frowned, “You’re not healed yet, how can you bathe in cold water, what if you catch a cold?”

As she spoke, she turned her head and met the man’s dark eyes right on cue.

The burning gaze, which seemed to carry a temperature, was a stark contrast to the cold touch.

Fu Beijiu’s voice was husky: “Only cold water can keep that fire down.”


Ye Yunla was frozen for a moment.

This man, he was getting shameless!

“Help me up.”

Fu Beijue’s hand was on her shoulder.

It was clearly a cold, cold arm, but Ye Yunla felt like an arm with fire was pressing against her.

Her heart thudded and she could only force herself to calmly help the man up.

She was so small that as soon as Fu Beijiu stood up, she was crushed at the waist, and her whole body fell forward uncontrollably, right into the shower’s switch.

A splash of water fell and showered down on Ye Yunla’s body.

She had taken off her jacket after entering the room and was wearing a chiffon shirt underneath, which was very transparent once it was wet.

The outline of her underwear was hidden, and the delicate white skin tantalized all of Fu Beijiu’s nerves. He couldn’t help but hold the woman’s rounded shoulders, his voice was dull and unpleasant: “I haven’t finished washing yet, you can help me ……”

Ye Yunla’s body trembled.

She swallowed a mouthful of cold air, “You, you’d better wash yourself.”

“If you leave me alone in the bathroom, I’ll fall a third time.”

Fu Beijiu spoke, his voice hoarse, his gaze dark, with sparks of fire deep in his eyes that could blaze with a single gust of wind.

Ye Yunla knew what it meant to stay, but she couldn’t move her feet half an inch.

“Your clothes are wet, you’ll catch a cold if you wear them again.”

Fu Beijue’s hand lifted and unbuttoned her collar.

Ye Yunla’s breath felt like it had been taken away from her, and her entire body stayed in place, not daring to move a muscle.

She clearly felt the man’s cold torso become hot a little, and she clearly felt her body getting softer and softer ……

She knew what was about to happen, and her heart surprisingly did not resist half of it.

Even, somewhat addicted to this ambiguous and suffocating atmosphere ……

“Lara, I love you ……”

Fu Beijiu cupped her face and gently kissed her lips.

The water from the shower clattered down and the two people in the bathroom embraced each other tightly ……

Ye Yunla didn’t even know how she got out of the bathroom or how she was thrown on the red wedding bed ……

When she reacted, a tearing pain came from somewhere in her body ……

It wasn’t the first time, but it was the second time after five years, and it didn’t feel much different from the first time ……

Her toes curled up in pain and her nails pinched hard into the man’s back.

“Slow down …… It hurts ……”

Ye Yunla couldn’t help but let out a shriek.

Fu Beijiu immediately stopped his movements and kissed her all over her features painfully over and over again, “I’m sorry, I’ll be gentle ……”