HC Chapter 541

Ye Yunla put down her pajamas and walked to the bathroom door.

She knocked on the door and drew her voice up, “Beijue, are you okay?”

“I… I’m fine.”

Fu Beijue’s voice mixed with the sound of the shower came out of the bathroom.

From the sound of his voice, there was indeed nothing wrong.

Ye Yunla turned around and walked away again.

At this moment, Fu Beijiu was sitting on the bathroom floor, in as much of a mess as he could be.

For the first time in his twenty-six years of life, he found it so difficult to take a shower.

The injury on his left leg had already healed, but why did it start to spasm as soon as it touched the cold water?

The spasm in his left leg, coupled with the slippery floor of the bathroom, caused him to fall miserably to the floor.

An eight-foot tall man falling on the bathroom floor is as ridiculous as it can be ……

Fu Beijiu was depressed.

He sat on the floor and waited for the spasm to pass before he slowly stood up holding onto the wall.

Then he picked up the shower and continued to bathe.

The cold water fell down, and only then did the dryness in the small of his belly finally fade a little ……

Who expected-

Not even two minutes into the bath, the cramping sensation came back.


A loud sound came out.

Ye Yunla was swiping her phone and stood down in shock.

She darted to the bathroom door and said worriedly, “Beijue, what’s happening?”

“Can you, can you come in and help?”

Fu Beijue sat limply on the floor, his eyes closed in despair.

His left leg had just spasmed and he had held on strongly to keep from collapsing, but he had let his old arm injury flare up and now he couldn’t use any strength in his right hand.

If no one came in to help him, he would probably sit in the bathroom all night today ……

As long as one is a man, one cannot let the woman he loves see him in such a sorry state.

But he, really, had no choice.

The word desperation was written all over the face of the always high and mighty President Fu.

Ye Yunla knew it must have been a fall.

The doctor had said a long time ago that his leg injury should be recuperated for at least a week, but this man insisted on being discharged from the hospital today.

Now he had really fallen, right?

He simply deserved it!

She pursed her lips and pushed the bathroom door open.

What met her eyes was a vast expanse of flesh-coloured, the man’s lean chest was dripping with drops of water, which slowly flowed downwards, falling from his neck to his chest and then to the golden triangle ……


Ye Yunla hastily closed her eyes in death.

This man was actually not wearing any clothes!

Fu Beijue, who had a depressed face, was suddenly relieved when he saw Ye Yunla’s blushing face.

They were husband and wife and would live for the rest of their lives, so what was the harm in letting her see his wretchedness?

He was teased and curled his lips in interest, “Is it possible that I should take a bath with my clothes on?”

“You, you put the towel on first, then I’ll help you up.”

Ye Yunla said with her eyes deadly closed.

Fu Beijiu spread his hands, “My left arm is off and I can’t use half my strength, otherwise I wouldn’t have let you in.”

Ye Yunla: “……”

Although she was already the mother of four children, she really had never seen a man naked before!!!

And it was still so visually shocking to suddenly appear in front of her eyes!