HC Chapter 538

“Little Ling Ling, don’t talk nonsense, how can Mr. Zhuang be a human trafficker.” Ye Yunla walked over with her skirt hem, surprised, “Sorry Mr. Zhuang, children don’t know what to say nonsense, I hope I didn’t cause you any trouble.”

“Mummy, he really is a human trafficker.” Fu Ziyan frowned, “He tempted his sister to eat a lollipop, only a trafficker would do such a thing.”

Ye Jingzhan nodded, “We’ve already called the police.”

Zhuang Shen kept his composure, “Miss Ye, I just saw your daughter is cute, so I couldn’t help but give her candy, I really didn’t mean any harm.”

“I know.” Ye Yunla nodded and turned her head to look at her son, “Jing’er, call off the police.”

Ye Jingzhan stood unmoving.

This person was just too suspicious, he looked like a bad guy anyways ……

Ye Yunla helplessly held her forehead, “This is Mr. Zhuang, the youngest master of the Zhuang Group, the Zhuang family is ranked in the top three in Haicheng, how could young master Zhuang possibly sit up as a human trafficker?”

“The Zhuang family’s eldest young master?” Ye Jingzhan’s eyes narrowed, “Oh, the lady Zhuang who falsely accused my mommy of plagiarism before, is your own sister, right?”

Zhuang Shen: “……”

How did he not know that there was such a past between Zhuang Yuan and Lara?

He suddenly felt that it was a mistake for him to show up here ……

“Miss Ye, this is a misunderstanding ……” Cold sweat was already running down Zhuang Shen’s head, “Wait until next time I’ll treat you to dinner and make amends in person, I have things to do now, I’ll leave first ……”

He said, turned around and left, how that back looked a bit like he had fallen away.

The waiters in the shop were still talking about the incident.

“I just saw this guy sneaking in, but he had a gold card, so I couldn’t say anything.”

“Yeah, he’s been staring at the four kids since he came in, and I didn’t think anything of a trafficker when I saw he was wearing a suit.”

“Maybe it really is a trafficker, shouldn’t have just let him go ……”

“Ahem!” Ye Yunla coughed softly, “That is Mr. Zhuang, not a human trafficker, I know him and what happened today was a misunderstanding.”

She had said so, the few waiters could not afford to discuss further.

Ye Yunla, however, did not have the heart to try on the wedding dress again.

The embarra*sed and awkward look of Zhuang Shen just now came to her mind, and she really did not understand why this person had deliberately approached Little Yinyin.

Could it be that, as she suspected, she was related to this person by blood?

Then, why had this person not appeared for the past twenty-three years, only to appear right after Fu Beijue had announced that she was Mrs. Fu?

Ye Yunla’s lips curled up in a related smile, tossing the matter aside.

After the matter of the dresses was finalised, Ye Yunla sent the four children back to the Fu family and then drove to the hospital.

As soon as she entered, she saw that housekeeper Qiao was also there and was helping to pack up her things.

She looked surprised: “Is this a transfer to the hospital?”

Fu Beijiu curled his lips, “Discharge today.”

Ye Yunla wrinkled her eyebrows, “The doctor said that you won’t be discharged until the fifth day of next month, and that you’ll have to stay in hospital for a week for observation, so you should stay put.”

Fu Beijiu knew she would insist on being hospitalised, he took out the checklist and hospitalisation slip from the bedside table and said with a straight face, “The doctor said my injuries have healed, so I can just walk less and lie down more when I go home, there’s no need to be hospitalised.”

The attending doctor who pa*sed by the door: “……”

He was so D*mned wronged, a black pot fell from the sky and he couldn’t refute it.