HC Chapter 535

“Mr. Fu, the results of your brain examination are out.” The doctor handed over the examination sheet and said with a serious face, “The bruise on the back of your head has already clotted, I’m afraid it’s a bit difficult for your body to digest it on its own, so you may need surgery to completely remove it ……”

Fu Beijiu’s brow furrowed, “If the bruise is not removed, what will be the consequences?”

“It may cause frequent headaches ……” The doctor paused and said, “It’s just a minor surgery, it will heal in two months, does Mr. Fu see if he wants to get the surgery done first?”

Fu Beijiu pursed his lips.

He had too many things to do right now and really didn’t have time to do the surgery.

He wrinkled his brows and said, “I’ll come back for a full check-up after I’m done with this.”

“Okay, but it’s best to come back for a review in three months.” The doctor signed a slip and handed it over, “Stay in hospital for another week for observation, if there’s nothing wrong then you can be discharged.”

Fu Beijiu rubbed his chin, “I’m getting married on the sixth day of next month.”

Doctor: “……”

The matter of the Fu Group president getting married was all the rage in Haicheng, and he had already known about it alright.

Was it necessary to make a special effort to tell him?

“So, I asked to be discharged from the hospital today.” Fu Beijiu said indifferently, “Later on, you sign the discharge slip.”

“No ……” The doctor was anxious, “Mr. Fu, your injuries are not yet healed, you can’t be discharged now, you must stay for at least three more days ……”

“Today is today if I say so.”

Fu Beijiu’s voice was cold, but there was an irresistible majesty in his tone.

The doctor’s mouth opened and closed, closed and opened again, and finally nodded in resignation, “Okay, I will sign the discharge slip.”


Ye Yunla took the children to the wedding dress shop.

Because it was too late, the wedding dresses could not be tailored in advance, so they could only be bought ready-made.

“Miss Ye, this is the treasure of our shop, a wedding dress that took three years to complete by hand by a French master.” The shop a*sistant enthusiastically introduced, “This wedding dress is embellished with nine hundred and ninety-nine fine gemstones, the neckline, waistband, and the pattern on the skirt are all made of gemstones, and each gemstone is sewn on by the design master himself ……”

Looking at the snow-white sparkling wedding dress in front of her, Ye Yunla’s eyes were filled with awe.

Before this, she really never thought that she would have the day to wear a wedding dress ……

This wedding dress, is purely handmade, the skirt pattern looks like an ancient totem, each flower is embellished by at least six gems, under the crystal lamp, the skirt is glowing from top to bottom, this should be the wedding dress every woman dreams of ……

“Miss Ye, would you like to try it on?”

Ye Yunla came back to her senses, “Yes, then I’ll try it on first.”

Two shop a*sistants pushed the wedding dress into the fitting room and two more shop a*sistants went in to help put on the dress.

The four children sat outside and were greeted by another attendant.

Fu Ziling rubbed his chin and said, “The bride wears a snow-white wedding dress, so what colour should the groom wear?”

The waiter said respectfully, “Generally speaking, the groom will wear a plain black dress, or a pink dress, it depends on the groom’s personal temperament.”

Fu Ziling twisted his head, “Little Yinyin, what colour do you think Daddy will wear?”

“I like pink.” The little girl blinked her grape-like eyes and said, “I want to wear a pink dress ……”

“Then I’ll wear black!” Fu Zi Ling smiled badly, “I want to steal the limelight from daddy, hehehehehe!”

Fu ZiYin and Ye JingZhan were not interested in trying on dresses, but it was an important day for daddy and mommy, so the two had to be patient and pick out their dresses.

“Wow, little Yinyin, you look so pretty in this pink dress!”

The little girl came out of the fitting room and the three brothers’ eyes lit up.

She was already soft and sticky looking like a glutinous rice ball, and after wearing the pink shiny dress skirt, she looked even more soft and cute, making people want to bite her white and clean face.

Fu Ziling slapped the table and said, “It’s decided, I’ll wear pink too.”