HC Chapter 529

The netizens were in a frenzy, while the scene was extremely quiet.

Everyone was waiting with bated breath for what Fu Beijiu would say next.

The man’s sharp eyes panned the room, and his aura was like an invisible net that enveloped everyone here.

“The engagement is indeed a rumor, and the so-called engagement invitation is also a fake.”

With these words, Fu Beijue made countless celebrities and ladies in Hai Cheng pick up their broken hearts again, and before they could rejoice, they heard words that broke their hearts even more –

“Ye Yunla and I are not engaged, but married.”


The quiet lobby, like boiling water, boiled up uncontrollably.

Those reporters thought their ears were out of order and handed out the microphones in their hands.

“Mr. Fu, do you mean that you and Ms. Ye Yunla are ready to get married?”

“Mr. Fu, the Ms. Ye Yunla you are talking about is the Miss Ye family, the number one beauty in Haicheng, right?”

“Mr. Fu, on the sixth day of next month, will it be your wedding to Ms. Ye Yunla?”


Fu Beijiu raised his hand and pressed down, and the noisy scene quieted down once again.

He spoke indifferently, “Ye Yunla and I got married five years ago, and the sixth day of next month is a make-up wedding.”


“How is that possible?!”

“I must have misheard!”

His words were like a heavy bomb thrown out, exploding everyone’s delirium and dumbfounded.

Even the netizens who kept brushing their screens were all shocked.

“Crap!!! There are no subtitles, I must have heard it wrong!”

“Fu Beijue spat his words clearly and said it twice, there’s no way there could be a mistake, he and Ye Yunla are really getting married! No, they got married five years ago!”

“Crikey crikey crikey! Please forgive me for not knowing what words to use to describe my shock anymore!”

“But didn’t Ye Yunla have an affair with a wild man five years ago and two wild children, which were said to be Chen Tianqian’s children?”

“This matter has long been disproved, okay ……”

“It doesn’t feel scientific, the timeline is a bit off ……”


After the scene had quieted down a bit, Fu Beijue took the microphone and continued, “I’m not a public figure, so I don’t have to disclose my privacy to the public. But recently public opinion has been accusing and humiliating my wife, so I have to stand up and give everyone an explanation. I repeat, Yeyunla and I got married five years ago and she has been living abroad with our children for these five years, if any more media and netizens make malicious speculations and rumours about my wife and my children, they are working against the Fu Group, and Fu and I personally will insist on pursuing your legal responsibilities.”



“I’m messed up!!!”

The journalists in the room, holding their microphones, were all stumped, unable to use any of the questions they had prepared.

They had a lot of questions they wanted to ask, but when they met Fu Beiji’s cold, stern gaze, they didn’t even dare to move ……

The netizens have already exploded into a frenzy.

“Children …… Those two children …… are Fu Beijue’s?”

“I called those two children wild seeds before, Fu’s group won’t come after me, right?”