HC Chapter 528

Ye Yunla’s face turned red with shame.


She cursed in a low voice.

“I can be even more of a b*****d.”

Fu Beijue wrapped his arm around her waist, his voice teasing.

He enjoyed watching this woman being helpless against him ……

Ye Yunla was indeed helpless.

It was clear that this man looked decent and well-dressed, how come when they got together in private, they were moving more and more in the direction of being jerks?

“No moving your hands or feet on such occasions in the future!”

Ye Yunla said, glaring at him.

“Okay, I’ll kiss you when we get home.” Fu Beijue leaned close to her earlobe and whispered, “The marriage certificate is in your hand to hold, you are now my wife in name only, between us, there is more time to take our time.”

His words caused Ye Yunla’s face to blush through.

Before, she could still use various excuses to refuse, but now, the two of them were already legally recognized as husband and wife, and if he had to, it seemed like she couldn’t resist anymore ……

Thinking about it, Ye Yunla froze for a moment.

She remembered that after that incident five years ago, she had developed an aversion to intimacy between men and women.

Every time a man deliberately approached her, she would feel sick to her stomach and even nauseous with fear if it brought back memories of five years ago ……

But now, surprisingly, nothing happened.

Just because she had fallen in love with the man who had torn her apart five years ago, that night was no longer a horrible nightmare for her, was it?

“Mr. Fu, the reporters are all here, just waiting for you ……”

a*sistant Zheng pushed the door in, then saw a scene that was inappropriate for young children, and was so scared that he backed away.

“Right, sorry, Mr. Fu, you continue, I didn’t see anything!”

Fu Beijiu let go of Ye Yunla and said indifferently, “Wait for me for three minutes.”

He picked up his suit, put it on sharply and tied his bow tie before saying in a low, soft voice, “Be good and wait for me to return.”

He turned and walked out the door, and a*sistant Zheng hurriedly stepped forward to hold his arm as they walked together towards the press conference lobby downstairs.

Ye Yunla inexplicably became nervous.

She took out her tablet and tapped on the live stream of the press conference.

The several hundred square foot hospital lobby was filled with reporters and media people, cameras and microphones were placed in every corner.

The time was already past ten o’clock, and the reporters in the lobby were all a little anxious, talking about something in groups, various subtle sounds superimposed to become a rowdy din.

Until –

Two unbelievably long legs appeared in front of the crowd, the man wearing a black suit and trousers that set off his slender, straight figure.

And his face, like God’s finely carved handicraft, not a single flaw could be found at every angle ……

As soon as he appeared, the lobby was abruptly silent.

He stepped away, one step at a time, and walked steadily into the spotlight.

“Thank you, media friends, for coming to the Fu Group press conference amidst your busy schedules.”

“I have seen the news on the internet in the past two days, and today, I will mainly give the public an explanation in response to the rumours on the internet.”

As soon as these words came out, the netizens boiled over.

“Hear that, it’s a rumour!”

“That means that the engagement is a falsehood!”

“I said before that the engagement invitation was a P, and you guys still don’t believe me!”

“Hahahaha, great, my man god is still my man god!”