HC Chapter 527

After a night of fermentation, the news on the internet intensified.

Just as netizens were engaging in all sorts of conspiracy theory speculation, Fu’s Group made an official announcement.

“Today at ten o’clock in the morning, Mr. Fu Beijue will hold a press conference at the First Private Hospital in Haicheng, please come on time.”

Once the announcement was made, the online crowd of foodies instantly exploded.

“Duke Fu is going to clarify, right?”

“Clarify what the hell, the engagement invitation is out, it’s definitely going to be an engagement!”

“Then what is the purpose of the press conference?”

“What’s the hurry, it’s already nine o’clock, the conference starts in an hour, I want to squat live!”

“I’ll squat one too!”


Before the press conference had even started, netizens were already clamouring.

Ye Yunla, on the other hand, had just opened her eyes.

She glanced at the time and it was actually nine in the morning already.

She had actually slept in the hospital ward until this hour!

She sat up violently, but found herself lying on a hospital bed, while Fu Beijue ……

This man was sitting outside the balcony of the ward, with a laptop on his knee, tapping away at the keyboard.

She had just sat up when the man lifted his head.

The two people’s eyes, across the balcony window, looked at each other from a distance.

The early morning sunlight fell, the dust in the air was clearly visible, and the world all suddenly became silent.

Ye Yunla looked at him in a daze for a few minutes before snapping back to consciousness, she averted her gaze with some embarra*sment and got off the bed.

As soon as she turned her head, she saw the two red-coloured marriage certificates sitting on the bed.

She froze for a moment.

Mrs Fu had moved too quickly, hadn’t she, to get the marriage certificate done so quickly.

Her hand paused as she carefully picked up the two marriage certificates and flipped them open.

What caught her eye was a group photo.

In order to save time, Mrs. Fu had someone use a computer to compose this photo, and found the most decent photo of her and Fu Beijiu to compose a marriage certificate photo.

It actually didn’t look the least bit out of place.

“After the wedding is done, we’ll go take the wedding photo again.”

Fu Beijiu walked in at some point, his leg injury had not yet healed and he was walking with a slight limp.

He stood beside Ye Yunla and wrapped his arms tightly around her slender waist.

His hands were hot, causing Ye Yunla to shiver.

Thinking of the scene of the two of them kissing on the hospital bed last night, she hurriedly took a step back and said dryly, “It’s getting late, hurry up and pack up, there’s a press conference later.”

Fu Beijiu spread his hands and said justifiably, “My injuries are still fresh, you help me get dressed.”

Ye Yunla: “……”

This man, he’s too shameless!

Last night, he clearly said that he was already well, kissing and hugging her, and she was almost pinned down on the bed and eaten dry!

And now, he had the nerve to say that he was still injured ……

She gave a light hum and threw the suit on the bed over, saying in no good mood, “Put it on yourself.”

The suit was thrown right at Fu Beijue’s chest, he covered the injured spot and let out a muffled grunt: “It hurts ……”

Ye Yunla hurriedly walked over and said worriedly, “Sorry sorry, I didn’t mean to, are you alright, do you want to call a doctor to come and take a look?”

As soon as the words left her mouth, her lips were blocked.

The man roamed her lips with abandon before releasing her, his voice low and muffled, “I told you yesterday that I was already well, you little fool, why do you still believe such poor lies from me?”