HC Chapter 518

“Since you have four children between you, it’s all the more reason to get married, okay?” Sun Yan said with a big grin, “Let’s say upfront that I’m going to be your best man!”

Fu Beijiu pursed his lips, “She doesn’t want to get married so soon, I respect her opinion.”

“I say, Big President Fu, since when do you respect other people’s opinions?” Sun Yan rolled his eyes, “I think you just haven’t fixed that woman! But it’s not your fault, she’s pretty and has kung fu, I don’t think many men in this world can handle her! I guess she agreed to marry you for the sake of her four children ……”

When Sun Yan finished his speech, Fu Beijiu swept a cold knife eye over him and he said with a light snort, “What I said is the truth, okay, if I had four children with her, she would have agreed to marry me too …… Okay, okay, I won’t say anymore, hey, why are you still doing it when you’re injured! Wang Changqing, let’s retreat!”

Sun Yan crawled and rolled and withdrew.

The ward finally quieted down.

However, Fu Beijue’s face was a little dark.

Even if he was full of reluctance, he had to admit that Sun Yan’s words might be true ……

Initially when they met, Ye Yunla had rejected him, and only later was she slowly willing to accept him because of Fu Ziling and Fu Ziyan.

Now she is willing to marry him, supposedly for two reasons, one is that the children want daddy and mommy to get married, and two, he saved her ……

A woman will always hold a tinge of gratitude for a man who has saved her life.

So how much does she like and love him?

Fu Beijue pursed his lips, his thin lips shining with sharpness, but his dark eyes were a touch disheveled and a bit overwhelmed.

When Ye Yunla turned back to the ward, what she saw was this kind of Fu Beijue.

Before, she thought he looked like a stray dog, but now she realized that how this man was a bit like a resentful woman possessed?

What was going on here again?

She stepped in and asked softly, “Are you uncomfortable somewhere?”

Fu Beijue raised his eyes, his dark eyes looked at her, and slowly said, “Are you really willing to marry me?”

Ye Yunla: “……”

This man, why is he asking her this question again.

She had already said it once very bluntly and really didn’t want to say it again.

She pursed her scarlet lips and put on a calm look, “The engagement date has already been set, of course I am willing.”

“What if there can be a chance of reversal?” Fu Beijiu’s gaze burned, “Whether we tie the knot or not, I am willing to give up the custody of my four children to you, and also vow to never fight with you for the custody of the children, if so, are you still willing to marry me?”

Ye Yunla stopped the movement in her hands and looked at him seriously.

She paused for a moment before speaking, “Fu Beijue, I’ve already decided to marry you, then I won’t back out.”

She sort of understood why this man looked like a resentful woman, was this pre-marriage anxiety? Is this insecurity? Was this a fear that she would suddenly leave with the baby?

She smiled and sat down on the edge of the hospital bed, “I agreed to marry you, not just for the child, but because of you as a person, do you understand?”

A gentle light floated in her cool eyes, and in the depths of that tenderness, there was a shallow flow of affection.

Even if it was only a few faint feelings, that was enough.

They still have decades ahead of them, and this faint affection will surely slowly converge into a torrent sea ……

The actual fact is that you can’t get a lot of people to do this, but you can’t get a lot of people to do this.

Before Ye Yunla could react, she saw Fu Beijue’s face zooming in and out, and then, her lips were held by the man.

The man traced the shape of her lips with the tip of his tongue, every movement extremely gentle, like he was treating the world’s most precious treasure.

Inwardly, Ye Yunla wanted to resist, for she felt that it was all too fast, just too fast ……

However, she soon indulged in the man’s tender kisses and was overwhelmed ……