HC Chapter 517

Ye Yunla was kind of defeated by him.

She sat on the edge of the hospital bed, uncovered the millet porridge, scooped a spoonful and pa*sed it to the man’s lips, saying in a faint voice, “Open your mouth.”

Fu Beijiu obediently opened his mouth.

The bland millet congee swirled around in his lips and tongue before being swallowed by him.

This was the most delicious millet congee he had ever eaten.

His lips curled up and he said slowly, “More to eat.”

“Do you know what you look like now?” Ye Yunla asked as she looked at him, curling her lips up in interest.

Fu Beijiu was unsure, “Like what?”

The words “stray dog” were on her lips, but Ye Yunla swallowed them back.

She said without good humour, “Like Fu Ziling.”

“You said it wrong, it should be that he looks like me.” Fu Beijiu didn’t feel embarra*sed at all, “He’s my son, who else could he look like if not me?”


Ye Yunla was completely defeated.

She resigned herself to feeding Fu Beijiu the porridge, one bite after another.

Until the door to the ward behind her was suddenly pushed open again, and a teasing voice came ……

“Ouch, we didn’t see anything!”

Sun Yan covered his eyes as soon as he entered, his other hand also blocking Wang Changqing’s eyes in the process.

Wang Changqing still didn’t know what was going on, and with a dumbfounded look, he pulled his hand away, then saw that Ye Yunla was feeding Fu Beijue porridge.

He immediately turned around, “You two continue! We’re pulling out now!”

Ye Yunla: “……”

Those who didn’t know would have thought she and Fu Beijue were doing something indescribable when they heard that!

She stood up and said with a bland face, “The porridge has been fed, you guys come in.”

She took the empty lunch box and walked outside the ward, leaving space for the three of them, the brothers.

“Beijue, good for you!” Sun Yan arched his hand in a five-body gesture, “It’s only been a few days since we’ve seen each other, and you and Ye Yunla have developed to this point? Tell us, how did you manage to get this woman down?”

Wang Changqing said, “Can’t you see that Beijue is lying on the hospital bed, so it must be a heroic rescue!”

A smile rose to the corners of Duke Fu’s mouth.

“Crap! Crap!” Sun Yan shouted as if he had seen a ghost, “I’ve known you for so many years, but it’s the first time I’ve seen you laugh so freely ……”

Fu Beijue’s smile was immediately withdrawn and a cold eye swept over, “Shut up if you can’t talk.”

He paused and said, “On the sixth day of next month, remember to come to my engagement party.”

Sun Yan’s jaw dropped, “You and Ye Yunla are getting engaged? D*mn, at this rate, you guys are riding a rocket, right?”

“If it was really a rocket ride, we should have just gotten married.” Wang Changqing said, “But Beijue, can your two sons accept Ye Yunla as their stepmother?”

Fu Beijiu spoke in a light voice, “I forgot to tell you that I had a night with Ye Yunla five years ago and we have four children.”

Wang Changqing: “Crap!”

Sun Yan: “Crap, crap, crap!!!”

It took a full five minutes for the two to accept and digest this fact with difficulty.