HC Chapter 516

Saying that, the four children walked towards the bathroom in a neat and orderly manner.

Once inside, Fu Ziyan closed the bathroom door ……

Five minutes later, the four children returned to the table. Old Lady Xie was defenseless against these good-looking and smart children and kept on giving them dishes.

It was getting dark when the meal was finally over.

Ye Yunla had just taken the children to the car when Fu Ziyan said, “Mummy, why don’t you take us home first before you go to the hospital to see Daddy.”

Little Yinyin nodded her head like a pounding garlic: “Yes Mummy, I’ll take care of myself.”

Fu Ziling flattened her mouth, “Mummy, just go to the hospital and stay with daddy.”

Ye Jingzhan was silent for a few seconds before saying, “If it’s too late after staying with daddy, don’t come back, I’ll take care of my sister.”

Ye Yunla: “???”

These little ones had discussed this behind her back?

She was curious, how on earth did Fu Ziyan manage to convince Jing’er?

Ye Jingzhan pursed his lips, “Mummy, daddy get well soon so you can have a perfect engagement party, I don’t want mummy’s life to be left with regrets.”

Ye Yunla’s heart softened all of a sudden, “Alright, then I’ll take you guys home.”

Fu Ziyan smiled with faintly hooked lips and gave a secret high five to Little Yinyin.

On the matter of setting up daddy and mommy, only his sister and him always agree ……

As for Fu Zi Ling, this guy, one moment he wants mommy to marry daddy, the next moment he wants to kick daddy away, in short, he is unreliable!

As for Ye Jingzhan ……

Fu Zi Yan pursed his lips.

This was his own brother, but he could feel that up until today, Ye Jingzhan did not consider him and Fu Ziling as his own brothers.

Ye Jingzhan can accept daddy, I’m afraid it’s also because of mommy ……

I really don’t know how long it will take for this younger brother to truly melt into their Fu family.

Ye Yunla sent the four children back to the Fu family and handed them over to Mrs. Fu before driving to the hospital.

By the time she arrived at her destination, it was already half past seven.

It was dark very quickly in the late autumn in Haicheng, and as night fell, the roadside lights went on, giving the whole city both the quietness and the hustle and bustle of the night.

With a box of millet congee in her hand, she walked familiarly to the door of Fu Beijiu’s ward.

There were two bodyguards standing on either side of the doorway, and when they saw her coming, they directly pushed the door of the ward open ……

She saw the man lying on the hospital bed at a glance.

The ward was lit with dim yellow lights, and the light fell on his face, outlining the angles of his face in a distinct and harsh manner.

It was only when the man’s eyes were met that it felt …… There is no such thing as harshness, this is clearly an abandoned roadside stray dog ……

This thought had just surfaced from her mind before it was suppressed by Ye Yunla.

How could she think that the titular president Fu was a stray dog.

“You’re finally here ……”

The man’s low voice, slightly sultry ……

Well, it’s more like a stray dog …… Ye Yunla rubbed her nose and walked in, “Hungry, have something to eat first.”

From the time he made that phone call tonight, Fu Beijiu knew that he had lost.

In front of this woman, he had lost.

Since he was already the defeated one, why should he care about his image anymore?

The man spread his big hands and said cheekily, “You feed me.”