HC Chapter 513

“D*mn it!”

Xie Siqi kicked her foot on the coffee table, furious and wanting to spit blood.

Grand Aunt Xie wasn’t much better, sneering, “Mother and daughter are practically the same, back then Xie Jinshu hooked up with the young master of the Zhuang family, but she was still kicked away. Ye Yunla can’t really think that just because she gave birth to four children for the Fu family, she can be a pheasant and become a young grandmother of the Fu family, can she?”

Xie Siqi turned her head, “Mom, what do you mean by that, why don’t I understand?”

“Xie Jinshu was Ye Yunla’s own mother, who died not long after giving birth to Ye Yunla in the first place.” First Aunt Xie hummed softly, “At that time, our Xie family was considered a prestigious family, and the Ye Group had not yet been established, so why do you think Xie Jinshu, who was the eldest Miss of the Xie family, would condescend to marry a poor boy who had nothing?”


“Because she was slept with by the young master of the Zhuang family and became a broken shoe that no one wanted, so she married Ye Zhenshan!” The first aunt Xie coldly mocked, “Ye Zhenshan is a piece of trash, after relying on the Xie family to have the Ye Group, he even had a mistress outside, which is later Mrs. Ye …… Anyway, Xie Jinshu ended up in whatever, Ye Yunla will also end up in the same way.”

Xie Siqi leaned back on the sofa and sneered, “Even if Xie Jinshu had married the Zhuang family’s youngest master, she wouldn’t have ended up in a good place now, would she? I heard that the Zhuang family’s eldest young master was not doing his job, and the Zhuang family’s old master did not trust him, instead he left the huge family business to the Zhuang family’s eldest young lady Zhuang Yuan to take care of …… If Xie Jinshu had lived to this day, she would have been glad she didn’t marry Zhuang Shen.”

“You can’t say that, no matter how bad Zhuang Shen is, he is still the youngest master of the Zhuang family, holding the equity of the Zhuang Group in his hand, even if he does nothing he can still be honored and prosperous for the rest of his life ……”

Ye Yunla was trying to go to the washroom and pa*sed by the side hall when she accidentally heard these shocking remarks.

Her entire body was stunned.

Last time she had purposely come to the Xie family to ask her grandmother, who had said that her mother had never fallen in love when she was young, and that Ye Zhenyan was the first and the last.

How could it be that when it came to Great Aunt, her mother had still been entangled with a man other than Ye Zhenyan?

If what Great Aunt said was true, then could this man that her mother was entangled with be her real father?

Ye Yunla stopped in her tracks and walked around the screen into the side hall.

As soon as she entered, the two people talking inside immediately shut their mouths.

Although they hated Ye Yunla, they knew clearly in their hearts that the current Ye Yunla was the real mother of the Prince of the Fu family and would probably become the young lady of the Fu family in the future, so a person of such status was not someone they could mess with ……

Although she knew this, Xie Siqi still looked at Ye Yunla with anger and jealousy in her gaze, the fire burning brighter and brighter under her eyes.

Ye Yunla stood at the entrance of the side hall and spoke indifferently, “I just heard my mother’s name.”

“What, is your mother some kind of golden dignitary so big that she can’t be mentioned?” Xie Siqi said in an angry voice without good grace.

Ye Yunla still had a cold face, “What is my mother’s relationship with Zhuang Shen?”

“Former boyfriend and girlfriend relationship.” Grand Aunt Xie mocked, “It’s just that back then the Xie family couldn’t climb the Zhuang family, your mother was dumped by Zhuang Shen and became an outcast, so she finally had to settle for the next best thing and marry Ye Zhenshan ……”

“Shut up!”

Xie Heng walked over at some point.

He stared at Great Aunt Xie and said angrily, “You’re old, what are you doing talking about these stale matters in front of the children?”

Saying that, he turned his head again and said kindly, “Lara, don’t listen to your great aunt’s nonsense, back then your mother and Zhuang Shen were just ordinary friends, there was no such relationship ……”

“I know great uncle, it’s all in the past, there’s nothing to delve into.”

Ye Yunla curled her lips and smiled, a relaxed look on her face.

Only as soon as she entered the bathroom, she took her phone and searched Zhuang Shen’s name.