HC Chapter 512

“Granduncle Grandpa.”

Old Lady Xie and Xie Heng froze straight away.

Jing’er and Little Yinyin were just fine, but what was going on with the other two children?

Xie Zhirui coughed and said, “Previously, I had kept it a secret because Lara wouldn’t let me talk about it, but now I can finally tell you. These two children are the Fu family’s two young masters, and they’re the biological sons of LaLa ……”

“What did you say?!” Old Lady Xie froze for a moment and then reacted, “The news had said that two sons of LaLa had died, but they actually didn’t ……”

Her old lady’s gaze fell on Fu Ziyan and Fu Ziling’s faces, her eyes full of complexity.

Ye Yunla sat down beside the old lady, her voice gentle: “That night four years ago, I gave birth to quadruplets, little Yan Yan and little Ling Ling lost their breath when they were born, Ye Xue Ying lied to me that the two brothers were dead and then carried them away …… And after I gave birth to Jing’er and little Yinyin, I fled from the Ye family ……”

Her tone was calm as she recounted the events of four years ago, and the living room was quiet.

Teardrops surfaced at the corners of Old Lady Xie’s eyes, “Lara, it’s really hard on you, and on the children as well ……”

“It’s all in the past.” Ye Yunla’s gaze was gentle, “Grandma, now I am fine, I have four children, they are all healthy and happy, Fu Beijue and I are ready to get married, we will have a happy family and the four children will grow up happily ……”

“Marriage?” Old Lady Xie caught the point, “Married to who?”

“Grandma Tai, Mummy is getting married to Daddy!” Fu Ziling smiled, “We’re getting engaged on the sixth day of next month, my sister will be the flower girl, and I’ll be responsible for holding Mommy’s wedding dress ……”

Xie Zhirui was surprised, “Lara, is what little Ling Ling said true?”

Ye Yunla nodded somewhat embarra*sed, “Well, today I came over to tell you guys about this, the engagement will be held on the sixth day of next month, the venue has not yet been decided, in a few days I’ll have someone send over the invitations.”

“Excellent!” Old Lady Xie excitedly patted the back of her hand, “Fu Beijue became the president of Fu Group at a young age, and has managed the company very well over the years, he has money and power, but there has never been any scandal about him in the circle, so it is clear that he is a man worthy of being entrusted with for life ……”


A discordant sound suddenly came out from the living room.

Xie Siqi played with her fingers and spoke with a sneer, “As long as there is money, what scandal can’t be suppressed? If he was really a man worth committing his life to, how could he have had a one-night stand with our No.1 beauty in Hai Cheng five years ago? In places you can’t see, there are still a lot of women in Fu Beijue’s life. Maybe, there are still many illegitimate children out there ……”

Fu Ziyan swept a cold eye over.

He was so young, his aura was not small, a look pa*sed, the second half of Xie Siqi’s words were blocked back so hard.

“Cousin aunt is it?” Fu Ziyan spoke coldly, “I heard that Aunt Cousin is married to the youngest master of the Zhou family, this young man Zhou I have seen, fat-headed, big-bellied, although he looks similar to the second senior brother, but he is not too ravishing, every time he attends a party, the female companion beside him seems to be not the same person, if Aunt Cousin is interested in young man Zhou’s woman, I can take you to meet him some day. ”

Xie Siqi’s eyes widened in anger.

These words coming from the mouth of a four year old made her feel ashamed and annoyed.

No one knew better than her what kind of virtue her husband was, and she had always whitewashed the Xie family, but now, she was torn away from her shame by a fart-sized child.

“What nonsense!” Great Aunt Xie coldly glared at Fu Ziyan, “How old are you, and you’re already saying such dirty words about people, and you don’t know who taught you that.”

“My daddy taught me, what, you have a problem with that?” Fu Ziyan said with a cold smile.

Great Aunt Xie was stiffly disliked.

This kid’s daddy was Duke Fu Beiji.

What kind of person is Fu Beijue, the president of the Fu Group, a big figure in Haicheng who has his hands in the sky, their Xie family is now ranked among the top ten in Haicheng, but it is still no match for a finger of the Fu family ……

The first aunt Xie was so angry that a mouthful of blood was stuck in her chest, unable to go up or down.

The two of them are the same.

The moment mother and daughter entered the side hall, the anger on their faces was unconcealed.