HC Chapter 505

Mrs. Fu was holding little Yinyin in her arms and Fu Ziling in her hand, followed by Fu Ziyin and Ye Jingzhan.

As soon as these five people appeared in the corridor of the hospital, they caught the attention of all the nurses and doctors, and the turn-around rate reached 100%.

However, as this is a private hospital, all the people who can come here are rich and famous, so the nurses and doctors did not dare to talk about it freely and left after taking a couple of glances to feast their eyes.

“Daddy’s hurt, isn’t he?”

Little Yinyin said in a soft voice as she wrapped her arms around Madam Fu’s neck, her big eyes floating with teardrops.

Mrs. Fu’s heart melted: “No, how could your daddy be hurt, he’s just a bit unwell and came to the hospital for a check-up.”

Little Yinyin blinked her big eyes and looked towards the door of the ward, “Then why didn’t daddy come to open the door?”

Just as the words left her mouth, the door opened.

Ye Yunla looked at the few children at the door and said with some surprise, “Why are you all here?”

Mrs Fu explained, “Little Yinyin said she had a dream last night that something had happened to Beijue and had to come and look for daddy, so I could only bring a few children over to have a look.”

Fu Ziling squeezed forward and was about to jump into Ye Yunla’s arms when he froze, “Huh, Mummy, why is your face so red?”

Ye Jingzhan’s brow furrowed, “Mummy, do you have a fever?”

“A fever must be treated promptly, otherwise there will be serious consequences.” Fu Ziyan said with a serious face, “Mummy, let’s go and get a doctor to take a look.”

Ye Yunla: “……”

She had just been forced into Fu Beijiu’s arms, that’s why she was red in the face.

What does this have to do with a fever?

These kids were too much of a bullshitter!

She coughed and said, “I’m fine, I’m just a little hot, you guys go in and see your daddy first.”

The children entered the room, and little Yinyin ran ahead of them, pouncing on them, “Daddy ……”

Fu Beijiu caught little Yinyin with one hand.

The little girl jumped headfirst onto his chest.


Fu Beijue let out a muffled grunt.

The men in black had kicked him in the chest last night, and although they hadn’t broken his ribs, it still hurt like hell ……

Now when he was slammed by his daughter, it was like being hit by a stone ……

His face turned violently white.

“Daddy, are you alright ……”

Little Yinyin’s voice trembled with fear, and the mist under her eyes quickly gathered into golden beans.

“Oops, you’ve scared the child.” Mrs. Fu rushed in with a single stride, scooped little Yinyin into her arms and soothed her, “Your daddy is fine, nothing at all, right Beijue?”

With that, Mrs. Fu also pressed hard on Duke Fu’s chest a few times.

Fu Beijiu: “……”

Having a granddaughter, did she forget about him as her own son?

Or was it because he was usually too unfilial, so his mother had already looked at him in a bad light?

Little Yinyin sniffled, “Daddy, are you really alright?”

“…… It’s fine.” Fu Beijiu’s voice was low and soft, “Daddy is just a little uncomfortable, he will be fine in a couple of days.”

“Hahahaha, daddy, you look so funny like this!”

Fu Zi Ling suddenly covered his stomach and burst out laughing.

“It looks especially funny with a white cloth wrapped around your head. And daddy didn’t shave his beard, he looks so sloppy ……”

Said the little one, and showed a disgusted look.

Fu Beijiu: “……”