HC Chapter 502

Such a Fu Beijiu, who looked especially like Fu Ziling, was surprisingly a tad bit cute ……

D*mn it, she actually found the titular CEO Fu cute?

The fact is that the person who is the president of the company is the only one who can find it.

The actual fact is that he had prepared a lot for this confession, but he didn’t expect to encounter such an accident.

But in fact, even without this accident, his confession would have been a failure.

Because, he had said everything last night ……

And he, surprisingly, could not remember at all what he had done or said last night ……

“Beijue, you’d better lie down and get well, we’ll talk about this matter after you’ve recovered from your injuries ……”

Ye Yunla raised her hand and pressed the quilt for him.

Even though she had the answer in her mind a long time ago, she was still a little unsure how to say it ……

Although she already had four children, it was the first time a man had confessed to her in person ……

She could still face calmly and press the quilt for him, has been considered to use all the strength of her life to disguise.

“No, I haven’t finished my words ……”

Fu Beijiu backhandedly grabbed her wrist.

Even if this confession was destined to fail, he still had to say all the words he wanted to say ……

“Yara, I love you not because you are the mother of my children, but because you are you.”

Ye Yunla pursed her scarlet lips.

How could she not know this?

When this man had thought that Ye Xueying was the mother of her children, he had refused to marry Ye Xueying.

Now that she had become the mother of her children, he couldn’t wait to confess his love to her ……

“That night five years ago was the first time I touched a woman, and after that night I tried to find you, but could find absolutely nothing about you. It wasn’t until five years later that I learned that after that night, you were locked up in a warehouse by the Ye family. You were pregnant with our four children and locked up in a warehouse for eight months …… Lara, it was all my fault ……”

“If I were given another chance, I would have wanted our first time to be a clean start, and I would have wanted our children to come into the world with everyone expecting them, and I would have preferred that you had become my wife before you became the mother of my children ……”

“You just said that my IQ is in arrears, yes, I boast of a high IQ, yet I made a foolish mistake on such an important matter, I was actually deceived by Ye Xueying for four years. If I had been a little more cautious four years ago, if I had been a little more mindful, if I had been a little more responsible for the child, then I would not have let this poisonous woman, Ye Xueying, be around the child for four years …… It was me who wronged Fu Ziyan and Fu Ziling, and that is something I can never argue with.”

“But Lara, in these four years, I have never touched Ye Xueying ……”

Fu Beijue’s gaze became dark and deep, like a thick, melting night sky.

“LaLa, I love you, I want you to be my wife, I want our family of six to live happily together after four years apart ……”

He said, and habitually felt in his jacket pocket, but felt an empty one.

He looked down and realised that he was wearing a hospital gown.

He froze for a moment and said, “Lara, where is that blazer of mine?”

“That suit was covered in blood and was dirty, I threw it in the trash for you.” Ye Yunla said in a low, muffled voice.

No woman could pretend as if nothing had happened after hearing this long confession.

She was just an ordinary woman whose heart had long since disintegrated in the midst of his tender and considerate gestures over and over again ……

Perhaps, their family of six could really live happily ever after ……

Just as Ye Yunla was pondering how to speak, she saw the man lying on the hospital bed suddenly leap up.

He was in the middle of an infusion and the syringe had almost been pulled out.

Ye Yunla’s brow furrowed: “What are you doing up, hurry up and lie back down!”

“I’m going to find my piece of clothing.”

Fu Beijiu wanted to pull out the needle, but Ye Yunla forced her to hold it down, she was not good enough to say, “I’ll go and find it for you, you lie down properly and don’t move!”

She just couldn’t figure it out, was that piece of clothing so important?