HC Chapter 491

Ye Yunla helped Feng Chengyu to go to the hotel next door to the bar.

Fu Chuan, who was sitting in a sports car in front of the bar, sneered and curled his lips.

This was the woman that Duke Fu Bei had fallen for, actually going behind his back to get a room with another man.

If Fu Beiji knew that he was wearing a green hat on his head, his expression would be very funny.

Fu Chuan took out his mobile phone and took a dozen …… shots at the backs of Ye Yunla and Feng Chengyu

However, five minutes later, Fu Chuan coldly deleted these dozen photos.

Because, he saw Ye Yunla walking out of the hotel alone ……

After leaving Feng Chengyu at the hotel, Ye Yunla pulled open the car door and got in, she had to think hard about whether to go home or to the office next.

She thought about it and decided to go to Fu’s house first, the few children should have already gone back.

She fastened her seat belt, started the engine and the car drove smoothly along the road, when suddenly she felt a black car following her not far behind.

If she was fast, the car would speed up, if she slowed down, the car would follow suit.

Ye Yunla’s eyes narrowed as she jerked the steering wheel and the car swung back with a tail swing, directly blocking the front of that car.

She pushed open the car door and got out, her eyes shooting straight at the man sitting in the driver’s seat.

Fu Chuan!

Didn’t Fu Beijue say Fu Chuan had already left Haicheng, why was he here again?

She wrapped her arms around her chest and walked over step by step.

Fu Chuan lowered the car window, a pair of cold eyes fell on Ye Yunla’s face, and he let out a light laugh: “Miss Ye really deserves to learn kung fu, I was so far away from you, but I was actually discovered.”

Ye Yunla said coldly, “I didn’t go looking for trouble with you, how dare you follow me?”

Fu Chuan’s gaze slowly slid down and landed on her collarbone, “The letters I designed with my own hands are really beautiful and suit you well.”

Irritation surfaced in Ye Yunla’s eyes as she used her phone to cut at an angle and smashed it against the landing car window, which instantly cracked.

Fu Chuan’s face was indifferent, “Why doesn’t Miss Ye ask why I should tattoo you with the N word?”

“I’m more interested in knowing why you want to give me a tattoo!”

A cold intent filled Ye Yunla’s brow.

“Want to know why, get in the car and I’ll take you somewhere to tell you slowly.”

Fu Chuan opened the car door, the corners of his mouth curled up into an evil and deluded smile.

Ye Yunla lifted her foot and kicked the car door shut: “Anyone with a little bit of intelligence wouldn’t fall down in the same place twice.”

Fu Chuan leaned back in his seat and said word for word, “Could it be that Miss Ye doesn’t want to see her own daughter?”

Ye Yunla’s heart sank violently.

She bent down, reached her hand into the car window and grabbed Fu Chuan’s collar, “What did you say, say it again!”

“I said, your daughter is in my hands!” Fu Chuan shrugged, “You can choose not to come with me, or you can choose to come with me, the choice is yours.”

Ye Yunla picked him up by the collar and threw him hard.

She tapped on her phone and dialed Fu Beijiu’s number, the phone was quickly answered, “Yara, what’s up?”

Ye Yunla listened to the voice on the other side, it seemed to be the sound of the wind, there seemed to be the sound of a map navigating on the side, the destination was a desolate place on the outskirts ……

She sank a breath and said, “Where are you going now?”

“Lara, I have some business to take care of at work ……”

“Where is Yinyin, where is Yinyin, is she with you?”

“Yara, I ……”