HC Chapter 483

Ye Yunla frowned and looked out of the window.

A black car pulled up in front of the villa, and under the yellow headlights, a long, upright figure slowly walked up.

As soon as she saw this figure, Ye Yunla’s mind uncontrollably conjured up the scene from the day ……

Her face instantly turned red.

Luckily, the living room was only lit with small coloured lamps and the light was dim, so even Ye Jingzhan, who had the most sensitive personality, didn’t see her abnormality.

“It’s daddy coming!”

Fu Ziling was just about to run out to greet him when he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks.

If daddy came, he wouldn’t be able to hug and kiss mommy, and what if he didn’t want daddy to enter the door?

“What’s daddy doing here at this time?” Fu Ziyan puzzled, “I remember the company has a very important meeting in the evening, and it was postponed from yesterday to today, it can’t be postponed anymore, why didn’t daddy go to the meeting?”

Ye Jingzhan pulled the corners of his lips.

He swept a glance at Fu Ziling and said lightly, “Today is our children’s party, if Daddy comes over, we can’t have fun, I think, we shouldn’t let Daddy in the door.”

“Yes, that’s right!” Fu Ziling clenched his fist, “Him coming will only affect our mood.”

Ye Yunla: “……”

She suddenly felt a bit sympathetic to what about Fu Beijiu, she was actually disliked by her sons to this extent ……

However, she really didn’t know how to face this man either.

She needed to calm down a bit before she could properly look at this relationship ……


Fu Beijue had already walked to the villa door, and he raised his hand to ring the doorbell.

Fu Zi Yan, Ye Jing Zhan and Fu Zi Ling didn’t move, they really didn’t welcome Fu Bei Jue into the door at all.

Because when daddy came, it would only make them more restrained and the party tonight would be no fun at all ……

Although Ye Yunla sympathized with Fu Beijiu, there was no way she would go over and open the door.

She couldn’t even run away, how could she possibly throw herself in the net ……

However, a furry glutinous ball of rice darted to the door, stood on tiptoe and turned the doorknob, pulling the door open.


The little girl flung herself into Fu Beijiu’s arms and was picked up by the man and lifted high into the air and spun around.

The house echoed with the little girl’s silver bell-like laughter.

Ye Yunla: “……”

Fu Zi Yan: “……”

Fu Zi Ling: “……”

Ye Jingzhan: “……”

How did the math go on and on and leave out Little Yinyin?

All of Fu Ziling’s emotions were on his face, he pouted unhappily, “Daddy, why are you here?”

Fu Beijiu swept his cold eyes over.

These two sons, Fu Zi Yan and Fu Zi Ling, had really been raised for four years for nothing.

The good thing was that he had Little Cotton Clothes, with Little Cotton Clothes around, this road of his should not be too long.

He said indifferently, “Housekeeper Qiao said that you all came over here, and I was afraid that your mummy wouldn’t be able to take care of it, so I came to help.”

Fu Ziyan frowned, “Daddy, we are all four years old, how can we still need mummy to take care of us, don’t worry, I will take care of my younger siblings, there is no need for daddy to take the time to come over specially, daddy hurry up and go about your work.”

“Yes daddy, work is most important.” Ye Jingzhan spoke up, “If you work hard, mommy won’t have to work so hard overtime in the future.”

This was a statement that spoke to Fu Beijue’s heart.